Hamburg: Seven German Schools in the Grip of Salafist 'Trojan Horse' Conspiracy

Mosqueing the schools: Operation “Trojan Horse” in Hamburg Schools

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 The “Trojan Horse” plot by Islamic radicals to take over dozens of British state schools has been in the news a lot lately. Recent reports indicate that a similar process is underway in Germany. Many thanks to JP for translating this article from Bild:

Salafists infiltrate seven Hamburg schools

by Vivien-Marie Drews

Hamburg — fanatical young Muslims against liberal teachers and pupils — a religious war rages in Hamburg’s schools!

Until now School Senator Ties Rabe (53, SPD) refused to identify which schools were affected.

Now an internal paper of the state institute for teacher training indicates that during recent months in at least seven schools in Mümmelmannsberg, Billstedt, Stellingen and Hamm there have repeatedly been problems because ultraconservative Muslims have simply put forward their own rules.

Particularly hair-raising is the situation in Mümmelmannsberg. “The city quarter appears to be the focus of organised Islamistic activists,” sates the official document available to BILD.

Example: Muslim youngsters demand that girls and women cover up according to the dictates of the Koran, call for communal prayer in the schoolyard

The assessment of the state institute: “It would appear that in some cases there is a strategy taking place of an organised action.” Meaning: Salafists are deliberately infiltrating Hamburg’s classrooms, instructing school-age Muslims to recruit new supporters in the playgrounds.–Continue reading →

UK Crackdown:

From the Sunday Times/ Esmerelda Weatherwax

TWO Muslim school inspectorates face being closed down as Michael Gove, the education secretary, expands his investigation into alleged efforts by Islamists to take over secular schools. The Department for Education (DfE) is understood to be investigating the Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMS-UK) and the Bridge Schools Inspectorate (BSI) amid claims that some of their inspectors support fundamentalist Islamic beliefs.


BSI, established in 2008, is approved by the DfE to inspect privately funded Muslim and Christian faith schools and AMS-UK is approved to inspect religious classes at private Islamic schools.

Peter Clarke, the former Scotland Yard anti-terrorism chief who was appointed special commissioner by Gove last month, is also expected to look into the two bodies.

The Whitehall official explained that BSI and AMS-UK dated back to an era when education officials had been seeking guidance from Muslim communities on how they wanted their schools to be inspected, rather than spell out how such schools should be run.

“It goes back all the way to the old style of ‘Let’s engage the community because we need someone who understands the Muslim communities to do these inspections’,” the official said. “It goes back to the ‘Let them tell us what an Islamic school looks like’, rather than us saying to them ‘This is what a school looks like and can you make sure Islamic schools follow that model’.”

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  1. We have an in-school mosque in a Toronto public school in Canada. Nobody seems to care at all. Except a few cranks.

  2. @Frau Katze

    Sooo, translation: Canada is already whipped except for a few people who have the moral courage to speak out by voicing an objection to the deliberate Islamification of their schools.

    If you read both of the articles about the implication of “Trojan Horse” in Germany and the UK that states the DELIBERATE tactics to convert western schools into mini 3rd world shitholes where young girls and nonMuslims are marginalized within the European educational system and the only rebuttal your mind musters is a that a few ‘cranks’ objects to a prayer room in Toronto?

    Dear oh, dear woman, you need to work on your reading comprehension. Maybe it’s just that you are so apathetic you are indifferent to the softly softly aggression of a retarded ideology stuck in the 7th century that is deliberately seeking to replace your 21st century existence.

    Enjoy the slave dress code forced upon your gender.

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