Is it 'racist' to point out that Islam is… Islamic?

“Islam Is Not the Problem”

So say a bunch of American Muslim leaders in response to the horrors unleashed by Boko Haram. And that’s true enough–if, that is, you also believe that Islam had nothing to do with 9/11, and it has nothing to do Hamas, Hezbo, Islamic Jihad, etc., etc., etc. (Scaramouche)


Its ‘racist’ to call Islam ‘Islamic’

Andrew Bolt – It shouldn’t be this hard to call Boko Haram Islamic

EXACTLY what do the Left think those Boko Haram jihadists are doing in Nigeria?

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Extensive coverage of paedophile Ali Jaffari’s fatuous court case was exposed on and the predicted aftermath of Magistrate Saines’ decision was today reported in the Sun Herald as follows: Paedo free to prey on our kids


Ahmed Poses

“Australian Muslim”  ‘Ahmed Shaheed III’ shares startling vision of gunfire and bombing raids from the Syrian war front

Ahmed poses proudly with a bazooka in the Syrian desert.

article-2624930-1DB804B000000578-258_306x423But ‘Ahmed Shaheed III’ still hides his face in this grainy image which gives a stark insight into life on the Syrian war front.

The former Bond University student from Sydney has joined the treacherous fighting in the middle east, a deadly mission he describes as his ‘jihad’.

He is in Aleppo, in northwest Syria, locked in a civil war with the Syrian Armed Forces.

He refers to his opponents as the ‘Kuffar’ – an Islamic term for non-believers. And he doesn’t like the west.

A video Shaheed shared with his Facebook friends shows an American base in Afghanistan being destroyed by a cheering jihadist’s bomb.

In another one, martyred Sydney sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub – who was killed in Syria in 2012 – delivers a lecture.

But most chilling are the photographs of guns and explosives and the videos of Shaheed practicing his shooting in the war torn state.

‘Say hello to my little friend,’ he wrote above a photo of a powerful machine gun and four huge shells.

Followers around the world egg him on. Beneath a photo of a rocket launcher, one friend wrote: ‘Land one of those in the mouth of the Assad troops’. (Daily Mail, Ahmed in the Syrian desert. 

Bolt Column – It shouldn’t be this hard to call Boko Haram Islamic

EXACTLY what do the Left think those Boko Haram jihadists are doing in Nigeria?

I thought it was as obvious as a bomb in a bus. Boko Haram has declared war on Christians and on Western education, and demanded all western Africa be put under sharia law.

It’s since murdered thousands of civilians, bombed churches, massacred schoolboys and enslaved girls, including more than 200 abducted from a boarding school last month.

And their leader insists his faith made him do all this, even sell girls as slaves: “Allah says I should sell.”


In other words, we have yet another Islamist terrorist group on our hands.

Err, not. Its all the same. China, Thailand, the Philippines, Hamas, al Qaeda, Islamic jihad, al Nusra, Hizbollah, you name it: they all read from the same Koran, and they emulate the perfect man, Muhammad. Its all Islam, not something else.

Even China now has them, with one group knifing 29 commuters to death in Kunming’s railway station two months ago, all of which suggests something in Islamic teaching may perhaps give its followers more licence to violence than is safe for the rest of us.

Take the selling of girls captured in a jihad. As the Koran consulted by Boko Haram says: “We have made lawful to thee … those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war.”

But this latest kidnapping is so startling that many of the Left have finally had to notice a conflict that has risked them having to say hard things about Islam.

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State Dept, 2012: Boko Haram’s Religion Not ‘Primary Source of Violence in Nigeria’

Pressed by dozens of lawmakers from both parties in 2012 to put greater focus on growing violence by Boko Haram, the Islamist militant group that recently kidnapped 200 teenage girls in Nigeria, the State Department sent something akin to a form letter in reply. The Oct. 12, 2012 letter from the State Department to the congressional officials downplayed the religious motivations of the group’s violence.

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  1. Kuffar is to non-believer as n—r is to black, i.e. a highly derogative term of abuse.

    1. Worse. Far worse:

      Najis things » Kafir

      Dead body
      Kafir (Infidel)
      Alcoholic liquors
      Beer (Fuqah)
      As per obligatory precaution sweat of an animal who persistently eats Najasat.

      An infidel i.e. a person who does not believe in Allah and His Oneness, is najis.

      111. Any person who abuses any of the twelve holy Imams on account of enmity, is najis.

      106. The dogs and pigs which live on land are najis, and even their hair, bones, paws and nails, and every liquid substance of their body, is najis.

      This is what they teach their children. This is what they believe.

  2. Hahaha Bond University. Parents have money and he was too dumb to go to a regular one.

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