House Resolution 418: OIC’s Anti-Burma Campaign In US

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U.S. Culture of Corruption drives Anti-Burma Jihad:

House Resolution 418: OIC’s Anti-Burma Campaign In US


Burma-Hater Jim McGovern.


For the serving Congressmen in USA their political actions are mainly tied to collecting large amount of money to finance their coming re-election campaigns and what it means is sucking up to big funders through their lobbyists. If one can invest large enough money into any lobbying campaign in US politics one will get a favourable outcome for their cash.


And the Multinational-Muslim-Mafia (OIC) and the Global-Terrorist Al-Qaeda’s parent organization Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are doing exactly that to punish the Buddhists of our Burma for their refusal to lie down quietly and get swallowed up and rapidly Islamized by Bengali-Muslims Illegals (so-called Rohingyas) from Bangladesh.
House Resolution 418 (H.R. 418) introduced in November 2013 by Representative James McGovern (Massachusetts Democrat Congressman campaigning desperately for the costly re-election in November-2014 elections) and supported by 49 other Democrat Congressmen — Democrats or self-proclaimed Progressives in US politics basically are Socialist or left-leaning politicians — is the brainchild of so-called Burma Task Force USA the motley collection of assorted Extremist-Muslim organizations funded by OIC and manned by Muslim Brotherhood’s front organizations and other Islamist Extremists in US.

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  1. Great work exposing this criminal organization.

    That assemblage of MB front groups called the Burma Task Force USA includes Justice For All, a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C) 3 organization that serves as their fiscal agent. They are based in Chicago and funded by ‘private donors.’

    It is apparent on their website that derives the justice in their name from Koran 4:134, ‘O ye who believe! Stand firmly for justice…’ Of course this is a proprietary Islamic use of the term – justice in Islamic law, not justice as non-Muslims understand it.

    The other ‘cause’ on the webpage is CAR (‘Save Africa Promotes a Better Africa!’). Clicking Burma leads back to Burma Task Force USA, where there is an option to ‘Struggle in Allah’s path with you wealth.’ Zakat donations may be used for ‘urgent needs’ or ‘preventing further attacks.’ Money donated is ‘fi sabilillah,’ which means ‘in the cause of Allah,’ as for example in the phrase ‘jihad fi sabilillah.’

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