Human Rights Shysters Demand a 'First Class Economy' For All Asylum Fraudsters

Is Cambodia engulfed in a human rights crisis?


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed Australia is working on an agreement with Cambodia that would see refugees currently on Nauru resettled there.

“The response we have had from Cambodia I think has been very, very positive… The arrangement would enable persons to be resettled from Nauru into Cambodia. That is what it would do,” he said on May 23.

Mr Morrison says at least 13 asylum seekers, transferred to Nauru from Australia after the former government’s offshore processing arrangements came into place, have so far been found to be refugees.

In recent weeks he has defended criticism about resettling Australian refugees in poor countries, saying “it is about freedom from persecution” and “resettlement is not a ticket to a first-class economy”.

But Human rights lawyer David Manne, who launched a successful High Court challenge to the former government’s proposal to resettle refugees in Malaysia, argues Cambodia is in no position to resettle Australian refugees. (ABC has more)