"I think wearing the hijab is very liberating.”

I think that woman is full of shiite.

“The goal of [Islam Awareness Week] is to touch on a lot of misconceptions and misrepresentation of Muslims and Islam,” Western junior Nafeesa Imtiaz, Muslim Students Association club president and bicultural anthropology major, told The Western Front on Friday, May 16.

“Oftentimes students and community members don’t really have any idea what Islam is.”

They will learn it. The hard way.


“There is no such thing as an honest Nigerian…”

Foreign doctors, nurses in Saudi Arabia could take MERS global

Turkey: 3,249 children lost, many in Far East as sex slaves

Why would they be in the ‘Far East’ when there is much more demand for sex slaves in Mohammedan countries?

(ANSAmed) – ISTANBUL – Many of Turkey’s 3,249 missing children are now in the Far East, trapped as sex workers, the Lost Children Platform founder Yahya Durmaz said in an interview with daily Hurriyet. Durmaz, a businessman, founded the platform to find Turkey’s missing children, including around 2,800 girls, and reached out to thousands of volunteers in seven countries.

From the Religion of Peace:

Tweets Won’t Stop Barbarians  (National Review)

Boko Haram and the Sultan of Brunei couldn’t care less about Western outrage.

The Disaster of Wahhabism  (Independent)

There is an ideological poison at the root of so much violence in today’s world.

The Vilification of Ayaan Hirsi Ali  (National Post)

“Immersion in the work of teachers such as Abu-Lughod warns students against defending the principles of their own society. It may explain why so few educated feminists show any interest in support for Muslim women.”

Vindicated  (Robert Spencer)

Hollywood comes out against Sharia. . . kind of.

How Muslim Immigration Affects Our Schools  (Molschky)

“Last December, I picked up my daughter, who is in fourth grade, from school. As soon as she got in the car, she proclaimed, ‘Allah is great’.”

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  1. That Patrick Cockburn article blaming everything on the Saudis is nonsense. If only it were so simple. “The Wahhabi try to ignore the entire corpus of Islamic teaching over the last 1,400 years,” says Ali Allawi, ‘the historian and authority on sectarianism.’ Rubbish, the problem is that they’re marinated in it.

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