Malaysia: the next genocide is in the making….

MALAYSIA: ‘Controversial’ columnist encourages Muslim spies to infiltrate churches to witness alleged Christian condemnation against Islam

Mohammedanism thrives on hatred of the ‘other’. Headbangers accuse the Christians of doing what they do in the mosques: rant and rave and plot against the kafirs, in order to destroy them. The next jihad is as certain as the ‘amen’ in a church.

Deluded as always: the insufferable ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad claims “someone hiding something in MH370 case”

Mahathir blames aircraft manufacturer Boeing and “certain” international intelligence agencies. 

“It is not fair that Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia should take the blame.”

“Hurt Feelings”

Isma Deputy President Aminuddin Yahaya warns “chauvinistic non-Muslims”

 “Stop hurting the feelings of Muslim Malays. Why are you angry with statements we make in self-defence, but keep silent when other races act extreme?” he was quoted saying on Isma’s website.

Yesterday, prominent Islamic scholar Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin had hit out at ‘extreme’ Islamist NGOS, saying their conduct had brought shame to Islam and wrought confusion among M‎uslims regarding the true teaching of their faith.

While Asri did not mention any names, it was apparent he was referring to Isma, which had called Chinese migrants brought to Malaya “trespassers” and warned of “foreign races” bent on burying Islam.

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