Israel: Arab headbanger in the Knesset calls priest "traitor scum"

Let that sink in: An Arab member of Israel’s Knesset is threatening a priest who advocated Christians join the country’s army.

 If joining the army is treasonous to the Arab cause, then what is joining the Knesset? Beyond that, it is beyond belief that the Knesset can tolerate such behavior and attitudes.

Germany nixes gunboat subsidy to Israel, citing breakdown of peace talks

Decision will cost Israel hundreds of millions of dollars.

Germany is going to pay dearly for this folly, as you can see here:


Militant rebel  AQ-group with advanced U.S. missiles calls Israel occupier

U.S.-Armed Syrian Rebel Group Seeks ‘All Syrian Land Occupied by Israel’

Come and get it, you bastards!

Islamic supremacist loses it in the Knesset:

Arab MK calls priest “traitor scum”


 At a Knesset debate over incitement and violence against Christian recruits for the IDF today, member of Knesset Basel Ghattas insulted and threatened the priest who leads that movement.Ghattas, a Christian MK of the Balad party, became incensed when Father Gabriel Nadaf arrived to testify. He had to be physically restrained as he hurled insults and threats, saying that Nadaf was a “traitor scum” and a Shabak agent. (More below the fold)


IDF: Video showing soldiers killing unarmed “Palestinians” ‘edited in a tendentious manner’

Pallywood again?
More fanatical frenzy:

Arab headbanger threatens priest in the Knesset, continued:

Father Nadaf said that  Ghattas’ words were tantamount to a threat on his life, saying “We all know how Arabs treat traitors. And we know what happened to Yitzchak Rabin when he was branded a traitor.”

Christians at the hearing testified about the threats that they have received, Father Nadaf was threatened to be skinned and a “WANTED” poster was circulated offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill Nadaf and other Arab Christian Zionists.

Knesset members said that not enough was being done to protect the Christians who support their nation’s army, and also that Father Nadaf’s protection should be increased as well.