Lakemba Mosqueteer: “Muslim (Daryl Jones) was one of the best Muslims I have ever known,”

‘The best Muslim ever known” went to Yemen and got smoked by a drone. Allah wanted him dead, thats it. Allahu akbar!

Killed militant linked to mosque

AN Australian killed in Yemen in a US drone strike late last year who went by the nom de guerre “Muslim bin John’’, was in fact Daryl Jones, a New Zealand dual national and former ­habitué of Sydney’s Lakemba mosque.


Jones, along with Christopher Havard, were the first Australians to die as a result of the US drone warfare program, which has targeted al-Qa’ida militants in Yemen and along the Afghan and Pakistan ­border.

The two were travelling in a convoy of cars in Hadramout, in Yemen’s east, when the drone struck on November 19.

Five people were killed, including the two Australians, as was senior militant Abu Habib al-Yemeni, apparently the target of the strike. Jones, who was married with children, had lived in Sydney and was a regular at the Lakemba mosque, according to those who knew him.

He had been travelling in the Middle East in mid-2012, reportedly contacting his family from Dubai that May. In an online discussion about the drone deaths, one Sydney man criticised the description of the Australians as collateral damage.

“I’m told that one of the brothers being spoken about in the article is brother Daryl Jones, a convert brother who use to frequent Lakemba mosque a few years ago,” the man said in a Facebook post. “The brother was so humble. He was soft-spoken and gentle, you could really easily get along with him.”

In response, another man said Jones was devoted to his ­religion. “Muslim (Daryl Jones) was one of the best Muslims I have ever known,” he said. “Allah ­accept him as a Shaheed (martyr). Allah aid and assist his wife and children.”

Another post, believed to be referring to the dead man, said “Daryl Jones, also known as Muslim” had gone missing in 2012.

“He last called his family in May earlier this year from Dubai,” according to the Oct­ober 2012 post by the Revert Muslims Association. “He was going to fly back to New Zealand. There hasn’t been contact since. I ask Allah to give him and his family Sabr ­(patience), AMEEN, and to reunite him with his family in safety.”

The Australian understands Jones did draw the attention of counter-terrorism authorities while in Sydney, mainly ­because of the company he kept, but he was never a person of ­interest.

Counter-terrorism officials claim Jones and Havard were “foot soldiers’’ for al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula.

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  1. Since this story broke , I have only found one article re Christopher Harvard in the NZ media. This article was in a free local paper and written by Bevan Hurley , a Sunday Herald journalist. On WOJ awhile ago it was stated by the Townsville mosqueteers that he lived in the Christchurch mosque, he studied islam there, he was radicalized there..
    In this small article , the Christchurch mosqueteers said he was a lanky , tattooed Aussie , loner who used to tie up his Dobermans outside the mosque..He skipped NZ leaving debt for unpaid rent on a house in Dunedin.
    So what is the truth? Was he radicalized in Townsville or Christchurch? He attended both mosques yet now they are all denying knowing him. The Christchurch mullahs say nothing about him living at their mosque. Surely this is a matter of National security for both countries? Can someone follow this up…thanks.

  2. oh well he wont attending anything anymore, good ridd
    ence to bad rubbish

  3. “He skipped NZ leaving debt for unpaid rent on a house in Dunedin”
    They are always running from something, anybody else noticed that it always seems to be the muzzie converts that get shipped off to fight overseas or get used as human cannonballs??

  4. “Muslim bin John’’

    Oh dear, one could not help but translate the nom de guerre to: Muslim of the toilet.


    Muslim converts have a long history of being the most fervent and fanatical, hence the reason the Ottoman’s prudently placed the newly converted into their ‘Janissary’ corps, thus being placed at the front lines.

  5. I would suggest that the mosque in Townsville needs to be placed under closer observation. Why are we wasting our resources by allowing these parasites to enter our countries???

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