More of that 'Nothing to do with Islam' BS

Islamic Spokesturds Keep Denying That the Global Jihad is Islamic

Muslim leader decries 9/11 Museum for linking Islam with terrorism, ignores fact that jihadist hijackers made that link

ZafarWhat is going on at Fox, with their continual promotion of slyly deceptive Ahmadi Muslim apologists for jihad terror? First it was the habitually dishonest, venomously defamatory, and overweeningly arrogant Qasim Rashid, and now it is his oleaginous, ostentatiously pious partner in deception, Harris Zafar. It’s funny also that Zafar here is arguing with Dinesh D’Souza, who a few years ago repeatedly insisted that Islam was a Religion of Peace in several debates with me, including at CPAC 2007. Apparently I convinced him.

“9/11 museum’s Al Qaeda documentary does not tell the truth,” by Harris Zafar,, May 15, 2014: Muselmaniac decries 9/11 Museum for linking Islam with terrorism

Foul Mouthed Vandal Mona Eltahowitzer Puts Lipstick on Islamic Pigs:

From the Islamic propaganda rag TIME:

Time Mag says Boko Haram un-Islamic, ignores Qur’an verses on sex slavery

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