BBC Propagandists Get a Dose of Islam

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The Guardians Of Hypocrisy

Posted by: Jono Rose May 16, 2014 (Israellycool)

This week the Anti Defamation League released a survey – stunning in its scope – to “research attitudes and opinions toward Jews in over 100 countries around the world”. The survey interviewed over 50,000 people in more than 100 countries worldwide and asked them all sorts of questions that were designed to elicit whether or not they had any negative feelings towards Jews that could be difined as anti-semitic attitudes. I’m pretty sure you have already heard about the survey and some of its results, and if you haven’t done so already, you should go check out the website that they have created to present the results of the survey.

The survey’s results are not what I want to talk about. This morning, I came across an Op-Ed piece from The Guardian entitled “Anti-Semitism should not be waved around like a propaganda tool“. This Op Ed is a sterling example of what makes The Guardian one of the world’s most repulsive publications and I feel compelled to go through it line by line. (Read it all)

Al BeBeeCeera Journo’s get the proper Islamic treatment


Two BBC reporters,  were held, and beaten badly, by the very group of Muslim Arabs who had promised to protect them.

Times photographer Jack Hill (left) and reporter Anthony Loyd have both won awards for covering conflicts.  Continue reading the main story

A reporter and a photographer working for British newspaper The Times have been badly beaten while being briefly held by a rebel gang in Syria.

Anthony Loyd and Jack Hill were returning to Turkey from Aleppo when they were seized on Wednesday.

They were reportedly freed after members of the Islamic Front, a coalition of rebel groups, intervened.

Dozens of journalists have been killed, injured or kidnapped in Syria since the conflict began in 2011.

The men had been on a three-day trip to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, which has come under fierce aerial bombardment as government forces try to end a long-standing stalemate in the city.

Shot in leg

They were on their way back to the Turkish border when their car was intercepted and they were taken to a warehouse in a nearby town.

Mr Loyd, a reporter for the Times, was shot twice in the legs, and both men were badly beaten to stop them trying to escape, the newspaper said.

The journalists, who have both won awards for covering conflicts, reportedly recognised their captors as being the same as those charged with providing them safe passage to the Turkish border.

The BBC’s Jim Muir in Beirut says it seems the pair were double-crossed by the very rebel group that was supposedly protecting them.

The men crossed the border to Turkey on Wednesday evening after being released, the Times reports.

Syria has become one of the most dangerous places for journalists.

More than 60 have been killed in the country since the beginning of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad three years ago.

The conflict has left some 150,000 people dead and forced millions to flee their homes.

Firebombs on Bat Mitzva Girls’ Bus, Only Arutz Sheva Reports It


Four terrorists hurl firebombs at bus near Hevron, engulfing it in flames, but media ignores story, preferring to cover Jewish graffiti.

By Gil Ronen, INN
Firebomb attack (illustration)

Firebomb attack (illustration)

A well-planned firebomb attack on a bus full of Jewish schoolgirls Tuesday could easily have ended in tragedy, but no news source even reported that it took place, except for  Arutz Sheva.

The girls were sixth-graders from a religious school in central Israel. They were on a bat mitzva tour of the Cave of Machpela in Hevron, a site recognized by the government as an official  heritage site, when four terrorists ambushed it with firebombs.

The mother of one of the girls, who was accompanying the trip, told Arutz Sheva that the ambush had been well planned. She described moments of horror when the firebombs exploded, one after the other, on the bus’s windows, east of the Halhoul bridge, as the bus made its way back from Hevron.

“This was a bat mitzva trip that had been approved by the Ministry ofEducation, which included a visit to Rachel’s Tomb. The buses were bulletproofed and had an armed guard,” she said.

Chananel, the woman’s son, whose sister had been on the bus, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday: “Three firebombs exploded on the bus. It was a direct hit. The bus was engulfed in flames and the girls and the mothers in the bus screamed, cried, leaned down toward the floor. There was a smell of burnt plastic.

“This time, it ended without injury. The driver stepped on the gas and the bus was fortified. The traumatic effects are not known at this point… I don’t even want to write how it could have ended.”

Alluding to the latest incendiary comments by leftist writer Amos Oz, he added: “Neo-nazis are not Nazis and Price Tag must be denounced and we are more moral and therefore a higher moral standard is required of us. Fine. But come on, we had better look reality in the eye and understand how twisted it all is. If I had doubts about the justness of the right wing struggle on this issue, then they are all gone. Leftists, media, government, army, Shin Bet and the other people living in a fantasy world – wake up.”

No Israeli or foreign news source is known to have reported the incident. However, incidents involving graffiti by Jewish youths have beenreceiving front page coverage and government ministers have called for their classification as terror acts. Apparently influenced by Israeli media and politicians, the United States has also equated the Jewish nationalistic vandalism with terror.

Arutz Sheva was founded in 1988, after Rabbanit Shulamit Melamed experienced an attack on a bus she was in, and was shocked to hear the radio report about the event, which made it sound as if the Jews on the bus had been the attackers and not the victims. She turned to her husband, Beit El co-founder Rabbi Zalman Melamed, who establishedArutz Sheva together with Beit El co-founder Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz.

The incident Tuesday in Hevron proves, sadly, that more than 25 years down the line, the problem that made Arutz Sheva necesary has only gotten worse.


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  1. “Two BBC reporters, were held, and beaten badly”

    Ha. Brilliant. Now lets see if they will make that mistake again.
    One would wonder how many times they have to touch the fire to get burned.


  2. “The BBC’s Jim Muir in Beirut says it seems the pair were double-crossed by the very rebel group that was supposedly protecting them.”

    Dang, Gabby, tell me it ain’t so! I guess they just weren’t thinking “WWGAD” … What would Gene Autry do? Gene knew all about those double-crossin’, low life scoundrels.

  3. What about, what about?

    Two Associated Press journalists shot in Afghanistan | World news … Cached
    4 Apr 2014 … AP journalist Anja Niedringhaus who was killed in Afghanistan … Niedringhaus died almost immediately from wounds to her head, a health .

    Two Journalists Attacked while Covering Arab Riot

    Arab journalist sends her masked buddies to beat kill Israeli journalists

    Think about that. A Palestinian journalist works so closely with “a group of masked men” that she can just beckon them to beat an Israeli to death whenever she wants to.

    She must write really objective news articles.

    Two journalists for Walla! website surrounded and hit by angry mob while covering a violent riot near Ramallah.

    Two Israeli journalists were attacked on Friday afternoon while covering a riot by Palestinian Arabs near the Ofer prison, west of Ramallah.

    The two journalists, who work for the Hebrew-language news website Walla!, were surrounded and beaten by an angry mob. They were rescued by the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces and were transferred to the IDF.

    “Two Israeli journalists barely escaped lynch during a violent riot in Beitunia (southwest of Ramallah). Palestinian security transferred the reporters to the civil (Israeli) administration,” the IDF said in an English-language statement quoted by AFP.

  4. Feel free to cite such examples, Stevie?

    And none of this bleeding heart malarkey, death by human shields either. Those were/are not journalist but cowardly activists hiding behind a press pass.

    The Sheik, gave more than enough solid examples, what do you have?

  5. What journalists stevie???? None, as far as I can uncover – simply left wing activists who deliberately caused probnlems are were warned not to be in the area where they met their demise. That, incidentally, is more of a warning that the Jewish families who were murdered by muslim terrorists got. Right now a Chritian woman is facing execution for converting to Christianity – care to speak up!!!

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