Muslims stage "peace rallies" across southern Philippines

Muslims stage peace rallies across southern Philippines

“Stolen Land”

A group of Muslims gathered in a remote mountainous village in the southern Philippines this weekend to urge the country’s one-time largest rebel group to help recover land they say was stolen from them on their grandfather’s death around 50 years ago.

UN envoy: Myanmar must give status to Muslims

Corrupt UN apparatchiks keep pressuring Burmese Buddhists to help illegal Muslim invaders to settle behind enemy lines:

Vijay Nambiar says citizenship will provide security for Rohingya Muslims, currently considered illegal immigrants.

The top United Nations envoy to Myanmar says the country’s Rohingya Muslims must have a path to citizenship, otherwise their security will remain under threat.

201442714234951734_20These illegal Muslim invaders from Bangladesh have to be repatriated back to where they came from. Burma must not make the mistake and allow Muselmaniacs to make claims on Buddhist land.

Vijay Nambiar, in a speech to the International Peace Institute on Thursday, also said that if such a step were not taken “it would affect the international reputation of the country”.

Myanmar sees Rohingya Muslims, who live in Rakhine state, as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh even though many were born to families who arrived in the country generations ago.

The million-plus population does not officially exist on government records and the government has said the community is barred from a national census unless its members identify themselves as Bengali.

A report from a human rights group published in February claimed that state policies restricted the Rohingya’s “movement, marriage, childbirth, home repairs and construction of houses of worship”.

Earlier this month, another UN envoy said severe shortages of food, water and medical care for Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar were part of a long history of persecution against the religious minority that could amount to “crimes against humanity”.

Tomás Ojea Quintana’s statement followed the evacuation of hundreds of international humanitarian workers from Rakhine.

Myanmar has also faced criticism from US President Barack Obama, who last month said the country could move in a “very bad direction” if people were politically organised around their religious or ethnic identity.

3 thoughts on “Muslims stage "peace rallies" across southern Philippines”

  1. ” government has said the community is barred from a national census unless its members identify themselves as Bengali.”

    Stay strong Burmese Buddhist.

    Don’t cave in to the UN and let the UN redefine your country.

  2. There is no peace in Islam.
    Every profession of peace from Muslims is a lie.

  3. I am coining the term Burmese solution. It is the only one that has worked so far when it comes to Islamic minorities in a country.It involves putting them in one place and restricting them and to hell with the Islamic UN and their agenda of spreading islam world wide.

    It surprises me that the Chinese have not tried the Burmese solution. The Burmese have shown the way. They are innovative where it counts. Other countries need to follow their lead. China what are you waiting for? You have tried everything and it has failed. Thailand what are you waiting for? You too have tried everything and seen no results. Sometimes it takes some humility to recognise that your neighbours have solved the problem and you could do so as well using the same method.

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