Soddy Barbarian Camel Virus Kills 142

Dumb interfaith whore for CAIR condemns 7-minute flick about the 9/11 terrorists

Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian-born Christian from The StraightWay begs to differ.

Thanks to BNI for putting this up:

Koranimals refuse to excommunicate Boko Haram

Because when it comes to the crunch, they all know that Boko Haram do what Muhammad did: wage jihad, kill unbelievers and rape and enslave their women:

“There is a great reluctance to excommunicate someone by extension. … It would be like convicting someone in absentia,” said Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, the spokesman for the “Home of the Migrants” mosque, or Dar Al Hijrah mosque, in Falls Church Va. If crimes have been committed, the Nigerian government should punish the individuals, he added.

Some media outlets that have given sympathetic coverage to the girls — plus White House and State Department officials —- have repeatedly tried to downplay the Islamist ideology that powers Boko Haram, and have instead suggested that the group’s members are merely rebels against corrupt government and poverty.

But those suggestions don’t explain why the group has killed thousands of Christian civilians, launched numerous bomb and suicide-bomb attacks against schools and churches, and has kidnapped more than 200 teenage girls for possible sale in slave markets.

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Soddy Barbarian Swine Flu

Saudi Arabia warns of MERS risk from camel urine
Kingdom’s agriculture ministry tells people to exercise caution, as death toll since outbreak reaches 142.

Already 142 known deaths! When will it be a convenient time for our government to start quarantining and testing travelers going through Arabia for the deadly MERS virus?

After the horse has bolted and thousands of Muslims returned from the annual hajj to Saudi Arabia in July?

Al Jizz digs up ‘Kony’ the ‘Christian terrorist’, again….

For lack of another straw man, we are reminded of the ‘Christian terrorist’ Kony, who hasn’t been seen for 10 years:

UN says Joseph Kony’s whereabouts known

New report says fugitive LRA leader is hiding in Sudanese-controlled areas of a disputed enclave in South Sudan.

Qaradawi: Egypt’s Sisi has added to country’s ‘catastrophe’

Qaradawi said that Israeli leaders supported having Sisi win the upcoming presidential elections, saying that Sisi protects Israel’s interests and will not go into confrontation with them over the Palestinian issue.