Sudan murders Christians, while America's 'Christian' president looks the other way…

Explain this without the M word

Interesting: Andrew Bolt quotes from the sunna, never seen him do that before. The Islamophile Obama regime is of course not interested at all to get involved in the case  that involves Christians:

State Dept. Won’t Say If Christian Toddler Jailed in Sudan is U.S. Citizen


This will prove harder for the Left to ignore or to explain without using the word “Muslim”:

The U.S. State Department on Monday declined to say if Martin Wani, a 20-month-old Christian boy imprisoned by the Islamist Sudanese government, is a U.S. citizen…

Meriam Ibrahim—the toddler’s mother and fellow prisoner–was sentenced to be executed last week by a Sudanese court. Her capital offense was refusing to renounce her Christian faith.

Daniel Wani, Meriam Ibrahim’s husband, is reportedly a naturalized U.S. citizen who has been seeking help from the U.S. State Department for himself, his son, his wife, and the unborn child, who Meriam Ibrahim is now carrying in the eighth month of pregnancy.

Meriam, 27, was born in Sudan to a Muslim father and Ethiopian Orthodox mother… Her father reportedly left the family when she was six and her mother raised her as a Christian. She and Daniel Wani married in the Christian faith in 2012 …

In February, she and the boy were imprisoned. At the time, she was five months pregnant. The boy is in prison with his mother, according to the Morning Star News, because Sudan will not allow his father to take care of him because his father is a Christian.

In March, a Sudanese court charged the mother with apostasy for professing Christianity after having been born of a Muslim father. The court also charged her with “adultery” for relations with her own husband because Sudan refuses to recognize the marriage of a Muslim woman to a Christian man.

Last week, after Meriam refused to renounce her Christian faith, the court sentenced her to be flogged for adultery and executed for apostasy.

Just in case an apologist is brought on to explain this is not Islam but some bastard variant or mere ethnic tribalism, some quotations from the sacred Hadith:

Bukhari, volume 9, #57

Narrated Ikrima, “Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s messenger forbade it, saying, “Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).” I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Messenger, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

Bukhari, volume 9, #58

Narrated Abu Burda, “Abu Musa said…..Behold there was a fettered man beside Abu Musa. Muadh asked, “Who is this (man)?” Abu Musa said, “He was a Jew and became a Muslim and then reverted back to Judaism.” Then Abu Musa requested Muadh to sit down but Muadh said, “I will not sit down till he has been killed. This is the judgment of Allah and his messenger,” and repeated it thrice. Then Abu Musa ordered that the man be killed, and he was killed. Abu Musa added, “Then we discussed the night prayers It is true, however, that the Koran is far more ambiguous about the punishment for apostasy. Nevertheless, 13 Muslim countries have made apostasy a crime punishable by death:  

The countries that impose these [death] penalties are Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. With the exception of Pakistan, those countries all allow for capital punishment against apostasy, i.e., the renunciation of a particular religion. Pakistan, meanwhile, imposes the death penalty for blasphemy, which can obviously include disbelief in God.

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  1. Where death is not the penalty for apostasy or disbelieving in some moon god, if your govt is some lefty bleedin heart who believes that the poor hard done by refos should be automatically granted a house, welfare with all the trimmings then …..find a deserted island and enjoy the tranquility.

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