Sydney: Muselmaniac refuses to stand for the judge

Muslim man refuses to stand in court due to religion

A MUSLIM man who threatened to “slit the throat” of an intelligence officer has refused to stand for a judge in court.

Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-AhmadzaiMilad Bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, 24, yesterday declined to stand as he pleaded guilty to threatening serious harm to a Commonwealth official and using a carriage service to harass and menace.

(His wife tilt wears a full burqa.)

His lawyer Nick Hanna yesterday told the District Court his client’s refusal to stand was due to his religion.

577502-milad-bin-ahmad-shah-al-ahmadziSupporters of Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzi outside court / Pic: Cameron Richardson Source:The Daily Telegraph

Judge Ian McClintock queried what religious view prevented al-Ahmadzai from standing, which Mr Hanna was unable to answer.

“It is a perceived view that it is not appropriate for him to stand in court. It is not advancing any discourtesy to the court,” Mr Hanna said.

Commonwealth prosecutor Karen Leavy said “on the face of it it’s disrespectful”.

Mr McClintock did not instruct al-Ahmadzai’s to stand but said he had noted it.

Al-Ahmadzai pleaded guilty in December last year to threatening the intelligence officer in a phone call in May 2013, telling him “I’m gonna crack your neck” and “come near my family again, I’m gonna slit your throat pig”.

He was refused bail. His wife Fatima Elzamtar was in court yesterday with their child. Al-Ahmadzai had been under surveillance by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team since December 2009 because he was “allegedly committing terrorism-related offences”.

The court heard al-Ahmadzai was sentenced to five years and six months jail last year for an ATM ram-raid in 2011.

He is also charged over the attempted murder of a man at Rydalmere on May 1 last year.

The sentencing hearing was adjourned until July.

4 thoughts on “Sydney: Muselmaniac refuses to stand for the judge”

  1. What a piss weak magistrate. Contempt of court should be mandatory for the mongrel. Vale Australia.

  2. Shame on Judge Ian McClintock for not instructing al-Ahmadzai’s to stand.

    What is Australia’s legal system coming too?

    First all legal forms were changed for burka wearing Muslims and now you do not have to stand if you are Muslim!

    One law/rule for Muslims and one for others?

  3. When will somebody within the justice system realize that the moturds think that they are superior to the infidels?
    If you or I had tried that stunt we would be charged with contempt and thrown back into the cells.
    I always thought that the courts were areligious/apolitical when it came to sentencing that is unless you’re a turd.

  4. Well, fine. If he is unable to follow our rules, then the Australian government should go out of their way to make sure that they Do Not serve him Halal foods. Have his arse facing mecca. No prayer, unless it is in his cell. Deny him a Koran. If he is unable to be respectful why should he be afforded respect.

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