The Arch-idiot of Canterbury calls for talks with Boko Haram, worries about Christians 'who might take up arms…'

From the Times of Africa via Blazing Cat Fur:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for negotiations with the “utterly merciless” Islamic extremists who kidnapped 276 girls from their school in Nigeria, amid reports that some have already been sold as “brides” for £8.

The archbishop, a former oil executive who joined the church in his 30s, said that devising an effective plan to try to stop further attacks by the group was “infinitely more complicated than, say, Northern Ireland where it took us a very long time to develop an effective strategy”.

Supporters turn to Boko Haram because of immense poverty, high youth unemployment and the group’s promises of social change delivered through the barrel of a gun, he said.

The leader of the world’s Anglicans said that it was “always a worry” that Christians in Nigeria might take up arms to defend themselves against the Islamic group.

“They have a right to defend their lives and the lives of their children and their families,” he said. “But at the heart of Christian teaching is the example of Jesus, who said, ‘Forgive your enemies’ and forgave his own enemies on the Cross.”

153791559__698361cAbout 50 of the girls have been seen in the Central African Republic after being taken to the town of Birao on April 30 by armed men, it was reported yesterday.

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3 thoughts on “The Arch-idiot of Canterbury calls for talks with Boko Haram, worries about Christians 'who might take up arms…'”

  1. Christians, always confusing themselves with Jesus. Of course, Christians are always missing the small fact that Jesus didn’t know any Muslims. Yeah, go ahead and turn your other cheek. No, wait, you won’t be able to because your head will be on the ground.

  2. To the best of my knowledge, there’s not one verse in the Bible exhorting Christians to go forth and be stupid.

  3. Someone should tell that idiot we don’t negotiate with terrorists, we kill them. America talks about its great freedom and democracy, but rarely does it really propose democracy and freedom in the world. The tyrant leaderships in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan have all fallen on their own swords in the worst way, but not one of the new leaders will ever implement freedom and democracy. It is hard to believe that American, British and Canadian soldiers should have died fighting Islamic tyranny of Shariah Law just to continue more Islamic tyranny of Shariah Law under other radical Islamist regimes. We forget that democracy is more than just a vote for politics, but that Western political leaders make a big deal about the voting process in Islamist countries as being democracy in action. What a simple minded viewpoint by liberalist values to actually believe such nonsense. Democracy is about rights and freedoms of the people to be freely able to debate politics, economics and religion without reservation. For the people to be able to freely make their own way in life without being subjected to such ideas as political correctness toward politics and religion(s). To be able to pursue happiness and education for men and women. To be able raise one’s family without threat of criminals and terrorists, and to have the right to bear arms in defence of one’s family, property and possessions. But those rights will vanish under Barack Hussein Obama unless he is removed.

    Every time the Jihadists in Africa get away with terrorism it always gets worse. Can you imagine that the only Somali terrorist to survive a hijacking against a commercial ship and then imprisoned in the USA has been given his release and is now a United States citizen. Isn’t democracy wonderful. Now he is free to pursue criminal goals in America. What else did he learn in prison if not criminal-ism and how to make American politics work for him.

    The world needs to go after Boku Haram and kill every last one of them to send a message to all Islamists we no longer accept what any of them are doing in any way shape or form. What we need to do is arrest all Muslims who belong to radical Islamist groups and their families in the West and deport them. That alone will send the required message that we aren’t taking any more abuse. But, all we have are cowardly liberal leaders who are quick to abuse decent people, but afraid to deal with those who are real enemies.

    To me the first people we need to get rid of are the cowardly liberal leaderships in the West. Then we elect people who won’t take crap from our enemies no matter how much damned oil they have. If they threaten to cut off our oil that is a great reason to remove them physically from power, it would be economically good as well.

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