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Mehdi Hasan, “Political director” of The PuffHo, UK:

On Sunday, as the European election results began to flood in, with far-right parties on the march from Scandinavia to the Club Med, I joked with my (American) wife that we might have to start packing our bags and head across the pond. … (More baggage to pack at Huffington Post thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

David Camoron is trying poach Nigel Farages allies

….it appears David Cameron’s Conservative Party may have been trying to poach some of UKIP’s allies at the assembly.

Britain’s Farage and Italy’s Grillo may defeat PM Cameron’s plans–UKIP leader Nigel Farage may have found the perfect partner to help him defeat David Cameron’s attempts to strip UKIP of a voice in the …

UK Department of Education knew about the ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamic jihadist takeover of several public schools for at least the past 3 years…

But they did nothing…until now. (BNI)

London’s Holy Turf War: Why Civil War is Inevitable

by Ali Sina : writes, “Over the last year a quasi-religious turf war has sprung up on the streets of London. Young radicalised Muslim patrols are enforcing Shariah law in the capital. In reaction, far right Christian Patrols are also taking the law into their own hands.”

Since the Woolwich killing, anti-Muslim rhetoric has been at an all-time high and according to News.vice “the right-wing Christian Patrols are only exacerbating the rising tensions.”

The author says, “The irony being that while their shared aggressive approach has resulted in media coverage and media panic, they ultimately are responsible for and justify each other’s existence.”

That statement is deplorable since it shows the author fails to differentiate the cause and the effect and blames the effect equally as responsible for the cause. S/he says, “These two marginalised but potentially dangerous London subcultures believe that society has failed their communities enough that they are now taking to the streets to implement or defend their ways of life, according to their opposing politicised and religious ideologies.”

People rise when the government fails to do its job. In the last thirty years, the governments of Britain, from both sides of the isle have been systematically selling out their country for Muslim vote. By doing so, they have violated their oath of duty to the people.

The fact is that Islam is infiltrating the country and the government is an accomplice. The anger is building up. It will not go away by branding the patriotic people as “Christian right wing extremists.” Such labeling is a deception and a calumny. These people who come to the streets want their country back and their freedom restored. They are not waging a religious war.

Even Muslims, who on the surface are waging a religious war, are in reality seeking to take over the country and change its political structure. This is an invasion. The religious ingredient of this invasion is only a useful pretext. Islam is about politics and world domination.

Should those who oppose Islamic infiltration be condemned? That would only make the patriotic movements more resolute and more radicalized. We have to address the cause and the cause is Islam. There is no such thing as radical Islam. As Erdogan said, Islam is Islam and that is it.

The reaction against Islam is inevitable and it will soon turn more violent. To say we condemn violence from both sides is an absurdity. If I keep slapping you and you turn the other cheek and I continue doing so, it won’t take long before you slap me back. Wouldn’t it be stupid for someone to equate you to me and moralize “we condemn violence from both sides?” Of course your reaction to my violence is justifiable and even commendable. Only I, the aggressor should be blamed.

I foresee that the reaction to Islam will become angrier in the near future and Muslims will find themselves targeted for violent retaliation.  To condemn that won’t solve any problem. It will only aggravate it. When people feel they are violated they will do everything to take back what is theirs. Our condemnation of them makes no difference It only conveys the message that we don’t care and your voice of reason carries no weight. Then violence becomes their only alternative. If the government fails to do its job, people will take the matter in their hands. This is the law any statesman must know or s/he has no business to be in politics.

Unless the government steps in and does what it has to do, i.e. protect the country from Islamic invasion, the people will have no choice but to take the matter in their own hands and defend their lives and freedom.

Violence is inevitable. We can’t stop it by condemning it. For every action there is a reaction. To blame the reaction as if it is something that can be prevented belies one’s ignorance of the laws that govern the society and human nature.

The immediate future for Western countries is bleak. I see blood in my crystal ball. There will be uprising and more angry demonstrations. I see the seeds of a civil war slowly germinating. Nothing can stop it except stopping Islam in its track, and time is running out.


Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims. Permission is given to repost this article in any blog.



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  1. London’s Holy Turf War
    Interesting video, could do with a movement like that in Aus, although I think we have a bit more time up our sleeves than the Brits.

    I really find it hard to see the Brits saving themselves, although I guess it’s hard to predict when any revolution will begin.

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