We don't need this kind of cultural enrichment

Andrew Bolt

This is not immigration that enriches us

I am not convinced our immigration and refugee policies take enough note of cultural clashes, and once again the problem lies not with Buddhists or Sikhs.

From today’s papers:

A MUSLIM man who threatened to “slit the throat” of an intelligence officer has refused to stand for a judge in court.

Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, 24, yesterday declined to stand as he pleaded guilty to threatening serious harm to a Commonwealth official and using a carriage service to harass and menace.

His lawyer Nick Hanna yesterday told the District Court his client’s refusal to stand was due to his religion.

Also from today’s papers:

A SYDNEY mother stood in the dock holding her baby daughter as she became the first person in the state to be committed to stand trial for genital mutilation.

The mother, who can’t be named, and retired nurse Kubra Magennis became the first people in NSW to stand trial for female genital mutilation, accused in Parramatta Local Court yesterday of performing the circumcision ritual on the mother’s daughters, aged 6 and 7…

Sheik Shabbir Vaziri is charged with being an accessory to the circumcision ritual, allegedly telling locals to lie to police about the prevalence of female genital mutilation in the community.

Also from today’s papers, and, true, we do not know the ethnic identity of the shooters, even if we know a common factor to many such reports from that part of Sydney:

BLOOD has been found in a western Sydney street where several shots were fired. Residents in Green Valley told police they heard gunshots and a vehicle speeding away on Friday night.

3 thoughts on “We don't need this kind of cultural enrichment”

  1. Anyone else out there getting a bit sick of these Muslim immigrants refusing to stand when the Judge enters the Court? And when the Judge asked what in the accused’s religion prevented him from standing, the accused’s lawyer couldn’t answer, but assured the Judge that no discourtesy to the Court was intended. Yeah right! By remaining seated when the Judge enters, the accused Muslim is showing his utter contempt for the kaffur Court system. Any Judge and lawyer who doesn’t understand that really needs to be more informed about Islam. I think the Judge should have charged the accused with contempt of court, and kept him locked up until he either apologises to the Court, or dies of old age.

  2. What the hell were we thinking importing this evil death cult into Australia???!!! FFS…

  3. Keating was warned, but he knew better. Any muslim who shows this disrespect to our laws must be deported – immediately – and without recourse to legal representation.

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