What's going on DownUnder?

Socialist Ratbags

… viewers were treated to the hilarious spectacle of the ABC’s most insufferable program being hijacked by the very audience that it panders to: the fringe-dwelling left. —Protest at the ABC (Catallaxy)

Andrew Bolt:

How did so many socialist radicals get into the Q&A audience?

Socialists disrupt Q&A: prove the worst of the ABC and the far Left

Q&A is hostile territory for conservatives. They are invariably outnumbered on the panel, the host is of the Left and the audience is generally hostile, despite the ABC’s claims that it is balanced.

Q&A gives Leftists in its audience a good ride

Last week, he complained about the Liberals’ spending on defence:


This week, complaining about the Liberals’ funding of science:


“Shut up” is the new argument

Is the ABC God?

Melbourne University appoints warming activist preaching Rudd slogans

Your taxpayer dollars blown on junk science.

If Indians are now “asylum seekers” we’ve got a billion potential more to come

The accusations may or may not be true. They may or may not be serious. But here’s what immediately strikes me: we now have Indians, Nepalese and Albanians claiming to “asylum seekers” or refugees?

Free Speech for a ‘race commissioner’

Our three penny ‘philosopher’ Tim Soutphommasane seems determined to read the wrong lessons from the Donald Sterling case:

Our race commissioner deaf to the free speech that damned Sterling