90% of Berlin's Prisoners are Muslims!

Tommy Robinson is back on the scene:

 ‘The guards don’t run the prison, Islam does’: my interview with a ‘reformed’ Tommy Robinson

Woodhill is a maximum security prison. Around 15 per cent of inmates are Muslim (which mirrors national averages – Muslims, who make up 3 per cent of the total population, are overrepresented in British prisons). It also holds what are known as “category A” prisoners – the most serious offenders. This, according to Robinson, includes a number of Islamist extremists, such as those convicted last year of trying to detonate a bomb at an EDL march (data protection law means I’m unable to verify this). Why Robinson – whose crime makes him a category C prisoner – was sent there is not clear. However, it is not unusual for prisoners to be placed in category A prisons if the local prison is full at the time of sentencing. It was not a happy experience.

Robinson claims that Woodhill is a hotbed of Islamic radicalisation. “I had staff telling me that the guards don’t run the prison, Islam does.” Radical preachers, he says, are paid £100 for every prisoner they convert.

90% of Berlin’s Prisoners are Muslims!

This is not from some ‘right wing’ publication but  from the Islamic religious community K.d.ö.R  (Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft) in Berlin.

What a slap in the face  of the left-green do-gooders…
And what does the Islamic religious community do? They are not concerned about why the prisons are full with Muslim criminals, but they call for Muslim chaplains and talk about injustice.
P.S.: the last paragraph is particularly noteworthy.

In German:

Das schreibt nicht die NPD sondern die Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft K.d.ö.R. in Berlin.

Was für ein Schlag in´s Gesicht der linksgrünen Gutmenschen…

Und was macht die Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft? Sie denkt nicht darüber nach, warum die Gefängnisse mit Muslimen voll sind, sondern sie fordern muslimische Seelsorger und sprechen von Ungerechtigkeit.

P.S.: der letzte Absatz ist besonders bemerkenswert…