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Obama and Biden claimed victory in Iraq. But now it’s Bush’s fault

Andrew Bolt

Barack Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, claimed Iraq as their victory.

Biden in 2010:

I am very optimistic about—about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.

Obama in December, 2011:

We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq with a representative government that was elected by its people. We’re building a new partnership between our nations. And we are ending a war, not with a final battle, but with a final march toward home. This is an extraordinary achievement, nearly nine years in the making.

But now that it’s clear they pulled out too soon and lost the gains won, it is all George Bush’s fault, of course.