Achtung Dhimmitude!

Sunni Shiite Hatred Hits the Streets of Londonistan:

The sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims in central London chillingly mirrors the bloodbath being waged between the groups in Iraq. …

More islamophilia at Daily Star: UK: Muslims jailed for Sunni-Shi’ite street brawls : Jihad Watch

20120512_IRD001_0UK: “It would be fundamentally wrong to hold Muslims to a different or higher standard…”  -British deputy prime minister and head of the Liberal Democrats Party Nick Clegg

Peaceful Jihad March

Thousands of members of a controversial Muslim minority sect  Ahmadiyya gathered in Mississauga on Saturday to pledge their allegiance to a peaceful jihad. …

More peaceful jihad and islam has been hijacked at The Star thanks to Mullah, pbuh


“We believe we are normal” and  “nobody knows that Islam respects other religions…”

Behead the Ramadan Fast Breakers!

Norwegian Muslims want beheading for failing to observe the fast in Islamic schools

# Thanks to T MI (The Muslim Issue)

From medical student to headchopper in no time:

 “Normal and well-educated” son who went to fight jihad in Syria had never showed any signs of being a radical Muslim. …

Muthana, who is a Cardiff medical student, was labeled Abu Muthanna al-Yemeni in the footage.

A spokesman for the militant’s family told a UK TV channel that Nasser and his 17-year-old brother, Aseel, traveled to Syria because “they felt guilty about the country.” …

More on the militant student at PressTV thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Syria conflict: Father of UK jihadi medical student Nasser Muthana speaks

Story and video at BBC News

2 thoughts on “Achtung Dhimmitude!”

  1. Actung eins !
    UK: Muhammadans(“Muslims”) jailed for Sunni-Shi’ite street brawls ….

    The FIX – Appply The Fix – not the bandaid.
    (Muhammadan) Expulsion or (Muhammadan) “expulsion” – it is in everybodys best interest.

    Actung zwei !
    UK deputy PM – Nick Clegg said ….
    “Muslim (he means Muhammadan) friends and colleagues of mine have raised concerns about how some elements of recent reporting may risk leading to an increase in Islamophobia….”

    No Nicky Cleggy – just an increase in islamonausea – there is no such thing as islamophobia(the concern is not unreasonable – and is a “PC” method devised to censor truths islam would dislike).

    Actung drei !
    Mechref-Rafei family moved to the US almost 20 years ago – stated ….
    We believe we are normal.”

    Now after (quiet a while) I have stopped laughing (or was it crying) ! ….
    You possibly are “normal” Muhammadans – but Muhammadans are not normal human beings.

    Reda Rafei, wife to Yehiah Mechref and mother to American-born Muslims Farah and Miriam said ….
    Actually, one thing about Islam — with the extremists’ whole ideas and the way they make things look bad about Islam — nobody knows that Islam respects other religions,We have to be kind to our neighbors who are from the other religion and treat them well.”

    Dear Reda Rafei – the Qur’an does say that – but only while the Muhammadans are non-dominant – then when the Muhammadans become dominant – the Qur’an Commands the Muhammadans kill the unbelievers (non-Muhammadans) – you are lying by ommission dear Reda Rafei – a normal common Muhammadan practice demanded by the Qur’an.

    Upon that – Yes the Mechref-Rafei family – you are normal (for Muhammadans – but not normal for a human being).

    Actung vier !
    Enough ….

    How long before the West’s Dhimmi Politicians are incarcerated for Treason and Sedition? – (even if these crimes have been abolished as common law offences in your country.)
    Then the Expulsion or “Expulsion” of Muhammadans can be begun.

    Counting in German – available here….

  2. Re: ” ”Normal and well-educated” son who went to fight jihad in Syria had never showed any signs of being a radical Muslim. …”


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