FBI Investigates Ayatollah Gulen Madrassas in the U.S.

FBI Investigates Ayatollah Gulen Charter Schools

442_largeNothing to do with Islam, “extremism” is the problem (or some other BS)  But anyhow: how can this happen in the age of Obama? Is this connected with the “Trojan Horse” plot in the UK?  Or is Obama trying to help out Tayyip Erdogan, who’s been squabbling with Fetullah Gulen for quite some time?

Federal agents have raided 19 charter schools, including three in Ohio, where an FBI criminal investigation in Cleveland has led to search warrants in Indiana and Illinois over the past week.

The 19 schools are managed by Concept Schools, a charter school operator headquartered near Chicago.

Concept Schools has been investigated previously by the U.S. Department of Labor for its use of foreign workers. Ohio audits found that public money for the schools had been used improperly for visas. Concept received more visas for immigrant workers than Google in 2009 and many of the school’s employees are of Turkish descent. Most of the nonprofit schools’ board members in Northeast Ohio are male and of Turkish descent.

The company manages 19 charter schools in Ohio, second only to Texas with 44 such schools. There are nearly 140 charter schools, spread across 26 states, associated with Turkish Cleric Fetullah Gulen, an Islamic cleric exiled from Turkey, living in Pennsylvania. (More)

One thought on “FBI Investigates Ayatollah Gulen Madrassas in the U.S.”

  1. Yes it is true they are part of Federal investigation on mismanagement of E-Rate Technology Grants. 19 schools across 3 states (Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana) were visited by officials from FBI, FCC and DOE. It is not an “ongoing audit” as the Gulenists would like people to believe. Audits are handled by the school district they are in and they have had plenty of those as well. The FBI has the search warrant papers under seal and is being very secretive about it at this point. However, just wanted to point out that if this made it’s way into the Fed’s hands and they obtained a court ordered search warrant (has to be signed by a federal judge) this is not just “white collar crime” as the FBI spokesperson was to have stated but rather it is organized crime.
    The Gulen Movement, has been doing this since they opened up in the USA they steal federal money via grants or payment to educate kids and use the money to promote Turkey with lawmakers.
    Their time in America is closing to an end, and Americans have to stop funding Islamic extremism under the guise of “moderate islam”

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