Ann Barnhardt: the overthrow of the constitutional republic is a fait accompli


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Why I’m considering quitting.

This is getting to feel more and more each day like trying to run while submerged in liquid cement.  Why bother?  If people are incapable on what must be a spiritual level of processing the most obvious, simple things; if all of the explanations, if all of the writing and speaking is the equivalent of trying to teach linear algebra to a clump of wet lint, why bother?

Obama used the known deserter/traitor/musloid convert Bergdahl for the release of the top five most valuable Gitmo detainees because the entire former American government, now fronted by the imbecile-puppet Obama, along with the Clinton machine, and a massive contingent of bureaucrat operatives loyal to the megabanks saturating all three branches and the military, has been overthrown and is explicitly allied with islam.  

Obama, Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon and on and on has been completely infiltrated by the Musloid Brotherhood, and those not in the MB per se are allied with it because it is a highly complementary political system with a litany of shared goals and objectives, namely the establishment of a tyrannical oligarchy looting and dominating by terror a massive, destitute underclass.  Obama IS Musloid Brotherhood, for all intents and purposes.  They own him and have since his earliest days.  No, he doesn’t believe in the faux-religious aspects of the musloid political system, because almost none of the musloids above the very lowest caste do.  It’s a TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM, not a religion.  Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in Musloid Brotherhood.  Good grief, her right hand “man” and likely lesbian concubine, Huma Abedin, is the daughter of TWO of the highest-ranking Musloid Brotherhood leaders on the planet.  The CIA is headed by a “convert” to islam, John Brennan.

When I read commentator after commentator breathlessly asking, “Why would they do this?  It looks so bad!”  I just shake my head.  They did it because THEY ARE THE ENEMY.  They’re not Americans.  America is dead.  It’s their state now, and they will do what they want, when they want, and what you think about it or what the Constitution or the old U.S. Code says is utterly, totally, completely irrelevant.

They don’t care that it looks bad because the overthrow of the constitutional republic is a fait accompli and has been for YEARS.  What the hell are you going to do about it?   Nothing.  Oh, you’ve made that PERFECTLY clear.  These people have been committing CAPITAL OFFENSES according to the old U.S. Code on a daily basis for YEARS and NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.  No one will do anything except cluck their tongues and shake their heads.  Every day you can find some new piece commenting on all of this which uses the word “outrage”.  What are you talking about, “I’m outraged”?  No you aren’t.  If you were outraged you would have done something, and you would have done it a long time ago.  And no, signing some bullshit “petition” online is NOT DOING SOMETHING.  Spamming people with emails saying, “Oh my gosh, this is outrageous!” is NOT DOING SOMETHING.  Making up a damn Twitter hashtag is NOT DOING SOMETHING.  Showing up to a “march” where people go for a leisurely walk in a circle with their friends, and then have a cook-out or picnic, and then everyone’s home in time for Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead IS NOT DOING SOMETHING.   “Liking” a post on Facebook is NOT DOING SOMETHING.

Catching shameless, conscienceless, murderous psychopaths who now control the largest economy and largest military in human history in a lie or in blatant hypocrisy is not going to cause them to hang their heads in shame and slink off into shameful obscurity.  Elections?  How stupid do you have to be to still persist in the delusion that A.) elections are fairly contested and B.) this can be solved by rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, which isn’t sinking, it’s ALREADY SUNK AND SITTING ON THE OCEAN FLOOR 2.5 MILES DOWN?

There is only one way these people will ever, ever, ever be stopped.  They must be forcefully, physically removed.  This means war.  This means hot counter-revolution.  This means people are going to die on all sides.  They will commit atrocities, because they are in the most literal sense, atrocious human beings.  The definition of “atrocious” is “horrifyingly wicked”.  They will burn everything to the ground and salt the earth before they release their grasp on the money and the power over human life that they have, and continue to gather to themselves in an insatiable lust with each passing day.

And each day there is a new crime, and the frequency of the crimes themselves is the means by which they keep you distracted and wallowing in what I can only describe as a masturbatory impotence driven by a false fantasy of your own “outrage”.  Your “outrage” is no more real than the pornographic fantasies people use to masturbate sexually.  And every 36 hours – like clockwork – you are handed a new vector for your “outrage” fetish, and the previous one, no longer capable of sustaining the proverbial erection, is forgotten as quickly as it was introduced.  Because THIS ONE, this new “outrage”, this is going to be THE ONE, this is going to be the “outrage orgasm” to end all outrage orgasms, and they’re all going to resign, and then it’s going to be “Morning in America” and it’s going to feel just like it did when we were kids forever.

Why don’t I write more?  Why don’t I comment extensively on these daily crimes?  Why don’t I record podcasts?  Because I don’t want to be a Hefner or Guccione or Flynt of this “outrage porn”, feeding this false facade of “oh my gosh, we’re totally doing something” when in fact, you are growing ever more flaccid and ever more supine with each passing day, lost in the fantasy of your own potency.

I dunno.  I just don’t know what more to do.  I guess all I can do.  Pray, and maybe spread a little Gospel.  I dunno.

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  1. Ann, you are so right! I too am so discussed with all this and frustrated to the point of deleting all the “anti Islam ” blogs. If I read one more article about the absurdness of this backward society and how we are all destined to” submit or be killed” I am going to just pop myself off and not worry about it!!! Come on people…lets get real. Ann has a point about our government. We the people are NOT POWERLESS! Get involved to the point of changing our future. Stop thinking “what dose it matter”? That train of thought is why we are in the shitter right now! Educate yourself, read up on issues that matter and VOTE!


    On Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Breitbart editor at-large of Ben Shapiro laid out the premise of his new book, “The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration.”

    “So there are multiple charges – I mean, everything from Benghazi, which there are violations of the Espionage Act and the Arms Export Control Act to the IRS, in which there are violation of IRS law, to witness tampering on multiple counts. There are tons of charges can be brought against the Obama administration. But I’m arguing here is this is really a criminal enterprise like the mafia. Basically, President Obama never has to give a direct order. All he has to do is sit atop of the chain of command and then let all of his minions do whatever it is that he wants. This is why the RICO Act was created – is to wrap all of this kind of stuff in a bundle and then allow for prosecution. That would mean [Attorney General] Eric Holder would have to do something.”

    According to host Sean Hannity, some of what Shapiro argued for seemed politically unachievable. Shapiro, however, would put the power in hands of the people and give them the ability to file a civil lawsuit against Obama administration for these indiscretions. (More)

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