Six schools set to be placed in special measures to combat fanatics as Ofsted plans 'dawn raid' inspections in 'Trojan Horse' controversy

The Prime Minister will today meet senior ministers, including Mr Gove and Home Secretary Theresa May, to ensure progress is being made on tackling extremism Islam in schools.

  • Five of the six schools ‘had previously been rated good or outstanding’ (by Muslim infil-traitors)
  • Ofsted inquiry to say they had not done enough to tackle extremism Islam
  • Prime Minister demands an end to two days’ notice for Ofsted inspections (Whose idea was that anyway? The inspectors must be able to  inspect at any time without giving prior notice).
  • Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Michael Wilshaw asked to investigate plan
  • 21 Birmingham schools have allegedly been infiltrated by Islamic extremists

What is the Trojan Horse operation?

An alleged plot by Islamic fundamentalists to take over Birmingham schools in the East of the city by ousting headteachers and staff through dirty tricks campaigns.

The Grunard dhimmie tards  jabber stupidly about “knee-jerk actions”and keep calling it a  ‘hoax’ 

“We wholeheartedly dispute the validity of these gradings. Park View, Golden Hillock and Nansen are categorically not failing schools