Are you prepared for your Koran quiz?

ISIS executioner killed three men for failing his Qur’an quiz

Their failure indicated to him that they were Alawites, and so, despite their pleas…

CAIR says they’d like to contradict hate speech with good speech.

Or do they really mean they want to silence the truth ? Read on. Taken directly from their page. 

An Islamic advocacy group is currently circulating 20 advertisements on Washington, D.C., buses that show a Christian, Muslim and Jew agreeing on a verse from the Quran.
Mass execution photos of Iraq soldiers by jihad savages. Photos below show hundreds of Iraqi shia soldiers being transported in trucks to be executed by ISIS (more on Sunni vs Shia here.) Hundreds perhaps thousands were transported and…
“In the Quran it is written that it is every Muslim’s obligation to wage jihad”
  • Religion of Peaceâ„¢ (by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch) — This New York Times story contains the revelation that the head of Pakistan’s spy service knew where Osama bin Laden was hiding, posted here yesterday. It is also important, however, to note that reporter Carlotta Gall also recounts her visit to one of the madrasa that the Taliban run. The deputy head of the madrasa tells her: “We are educating the students in the Quran, and in the Quran it is written that it is every Muslim’s obligation to wage jihad. All we are telling them is what is in the Quran. Then it is up to them to go to jihad.” We are constantly told that the vast majority of Muslims rejects this understanding of the Qur’an and jihad. It would be refreshing if one of them would be so kind as to explain exactly how the deputy head of the madrasa is misunderstanding the Qur’an and jihad, and teaching his students to do so. But even in the absence of that, it is noteworthy that these Misunderstanders of Islam, airily dismissed as not even being Muslim at all by many Muslims in the West (I recently ran into a prominent U.S. Muslim outside Penn Station in New York; he insisted to me repeatedly in the course of our conversation that the 9/11 hijackers were “not Muslims”), ground their jihad activities squarely in the Qur’an. The Western foreign policy establishment, to say nothing of the mainstream media, steadfastly refuses to take notice of that or face its implications. Continue reading…


  • Watch Barack Obama in 2008 — ‘I’ve been adamant about not negotiating with Hamas’ |
    In May 2008, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, had been attacking candidate Barack Obama for suggesting that as president, Obama would negotiate with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Obama responded emphatically: I’ve been adamant about not negotiating with Hamas. In a CNN interview earlier that month, Obama even said the elder McCain was losing his bearings by attacking him on the issue. Despite his repeated assurances during the 2008 campaign, on Monday, Obama’s State Department announced that it would deal with a new Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas. The Washington Post reported that administration officials had worked behind the scenes to structure a deal in a way that would get around the U.S. ban on funneling aid money to a government. The plan involved appointing Hamas-approved ministers that were described as technocrats.


    Hamas pays hundreds of young Muslims to harass Jews at Temple Mount – Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs
    Who is funding this? The West. The US and the EU pour billions into Gaza for “humanitarian relief.” But Hamas control Gaza, and this is the kind of thing they buy with their money. Our money. In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad. “‘Hamas …