"Feelings of Joy"

Many Muslims slaughtered in Iraq:


Gruesome photos posted online Sunday by an Al Qaeda splinter group show the summary executions of dozens of captive Iraqi soldiers in the group’s attack on a city in central Iraq and are believed to be authentic, military officials have acknowledged.

The release of the images by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, came amid violence elsewhere in Iraq. A string of explosions rocked Badghad Sunday, killing at least 15, according to the Associated Press. Earlier in the day, Agence France-Presse reported six people were killed when a recruitment center in central Iraq for volunteer fighters was hit by mortar rounds.

Wissam Haddad, the head of Sydney’s al-Risalah Islamic Centre, sums up local reaction to Iraq’s bloodshed:

“There’s a feeling of joy.” (From Tim Blair: JOY DIVISION)

The US failure wasn’t going into Iraq but leaving it

Andrew Bolt

Leftists gloat the the invasion of Iraq by terrorist forces proves George W Bush was wrong to topple Saddam Hussein. The ABC’s AM this morning covered this theory as if it were self-evidently true.


War historian Max Boot explains why is isn’t – and the real US failure was to pull out before the gains were secured: 

Black-clad fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as Al Qaeda in Iraq has rebranded itself, stormed into Mosul last week and seized control….

Israel detains 80 West Bank Hamas leaders

As far as I’m concerned the Israeli’s should shoot 80 Hamas bastards every day until the abducted teenagers are released.

The Israeli army detained 80 leaders of the Palestinian movement Hamas in the West Bank in the early hours of Sunday, according to the Israeli army radio.

Half-assed measures in Gemany

The west should encourage Muslims to join the jihad, not prevent them from participating. The idea is to make sure that they do not return; but  leftarded dolts like  Thomas de Maiziere will achieve the exact opposite by trying to prevent them from going:

 It was announced in the German press that anyone who comes back from Syria to Germany and thinks that they can execute acts of terror would have their passports taken from them to restrict their freedom of movement.



[Face The Nation] Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., warned that the next 9/11 attack could emanate from Iraq and Syria if the U.S. does not take steps to immediately halt the advance of the Islamic militants sweeping toward the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

– No, the next 9/11 attack will occur because we are allowing thousands of Muslim to immigrate to the US – including Muslims from Syria and Iraq. The Sunni advance in Iraq has nothing to do with it. They will attack us because they can.

Iraq: Be Afraid

Jeanine Pirro brings us up to date regarding the utter chaos Obama’s leadership vacuum has created in Iraq:

For now the mayhem is on the other side of the world. But it won’t stay there. Who is going to protect us from these maniacs — Obama?

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  1. It’s difficult to see how Isis will survive for more than 12 months. The general Iraqi populace doesn’t want them, the Kurds hate them, it’s probable that the US will be attacking them from the air – and Iraqis will be attacking from the ground. They have nowhere to run.

  2. agreed, but these mohammedan idiots will still cause a lot of pain before they are exterminated.

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