Aussies vs Mosqueteers: Bendigo is Just the Beginning….

Not just Bendigo: ordinary people are rising up around the country

If you are living in Currumbin Waters at the Gold Coast you want to get involved with the local group fighting against a mega mosque, go for it!

“A MIGHTY storm didn’t deter a crowd of 250 from gathering in Currumbin Waters yesterday afternoon to object to the building of a mosque in the area. …See More

10450780_1463899870520768_1396131961972663493_nCurrumbin residents stood in the rain for an hour to discuss ways to petition against a proposed “place of worship” on the corner of Villiers and Coghill drives.

A crowd of about 250 people heckled Gold Coast councillor Chris Robbins when she was explaining the council process of approving applications, in reference to the proposal to build a mosque at Currumbin.

“You can object to it, you can hate it or whatever, but the law is you can’t discriminate,” Cr Robbins said.

“The town plan is not able to discriminate and say that a land use … can only be used for a particular religion.”

Cr Robbins continued to attempt to quell the crowd – even as it started raining – by explaining how residents could object to the development through the council process.”  (Read Story Here)

The Bigots of Bendigo

r0_254_4928_3026_w1200_h678_fmaxBENDIGO leaders say they will not tolerate bigotry, especially from fellow community representatives, as councillor Elise Chapman remained steadfast in her comments about not “being a fan” of Islam.  Bendigo mosque: Leaders call for tolerance

Isn’t it amazing that these clueless dipsticks call for tolerance of the most intolerant cult that ever terrorised humanity? Don’t they know that Islam has absolutely no tolerance for us?

Larger Ballarat Mosque Would Have Caused More Protest

imgresTHE Ballarat mosque would have been subject to more protest had the building been on the same scale as the Bendigo mosque proposal, according to an Islamic community leader. Islamic Society of Ballarat secretary Ihsan ul Huq Bajwa said the Bendigo mosque had received significant hype partially due to the size of the proposed building.

No Mosque in Marulan,  (near Goulbourn NSW)

Citizens of Marulan (near Goulbourn, NSW) are also standing up against impositions by Islamic groups. If you live in the area get involved with and support the local group, coordinated by Peter.

SafariScreenSnapz119The Al Mabarrat Benevolent Society, based in Sydney, wants to build a 3500 plot cemetery and prayer hall  Mosque on a 329-hectare property, just north of Marulan. It would be located near the junction of Highland Way and the Hume Highway. The sheer size has generated controversy and several public meetings hosted by the group and Council.

John Howard, Former Australian PM:

Obama ‘Disappointingly Complacent’ on Islamic Extremism

CITY OF LONDON, United Kingdom – Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has today referred to U.S. President Barack Obama’s approach to Islamic extremism as ‘disappointingly complacent’ in a speech to the Margaret Thatcher Liberty Conference in London.

The high-profile event was attended by hundreds of political journalists, activists, writers, legislators and other global stakeholders. Howard’s comments were met by nods of approval across the room as he took aim at Barack Obama’s West Point commencement speech of last month.

Howard said: “Islamic fundamentalism is a far greater threat than many people in their culturally equivocal way believe.

“Obama’s West Point commencement speech… with the greatest respect to him and the office… I found it a disappointingly complacent speech when he spoke of Islamic extremism. (Breitbart has more)

ISIS Issues Annual Reports on Terrorist Activities