Bendigo Mosque: ‘‘The system is on our side", claims Muslim agitprop, "you can’t do anything about it.’’ …

Legal challenge looms over Bendigo mosque plan

Richard Willingham, Steve Lillebuen, Aisha Dow

… Opponents of the mosque have now been goaded by a YouTube video by Zaky Mallah, a Sydney activist once jailed under Australia’s anti-terrorism laws.

‘‘The system is on our side,’’ Mr Mallah said in a YouTube video. ‘‘And the funny thing is, you can’t do anything about it.’’ … Story and video at The Age/June 19, 2014/thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Indeed, politprops Downunder can’t backpedal fast enough to demonstrate their submission:
Bishop confirms East Jerusalem as occupied

“The Australian government will not use capital `O’ when it comes to occupied East Jerusalem.

“They continue to use the small `o’.” …

More small ‘o’ treading down at 9 News/Mullah….


Backflipping, backtracking, back-pedalling:
Australia Backtracks Over ‘Occupied’ Jerusalem – Global Agenda – News – Arutz ShevaBy AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff

While avoiding the term “occupied” altogether, it added that Australia continued to be a strong supporter of a two-state solution “with Israel and a Palestinian state existing side by side in peace and security”. …6/19/2014/Mullah

In other news:
Australia goes into terror lockdown:
Spy agencies and customs will lock down borders to ­potential jihadists

AN unprecedented security intelligence-sharing arrangement between spy agencies and customs will lock down Australia’s borders to ­potential jihadists either trying to return to Australia or leave our shores to join Syrian and Iraqi terror groups. … (The Daily Telegraph, Mullah, pbuh)

Muslims from Australia establishing the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria

Muslims establishing the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria….killing apostates and unbelievers. This is what Muslims from Australia are engaging in when they go to Syria. This is ISIS. These jihadists are called the ISIS “Lions”.

“Generous gift that comes with no demands,” worries Danes

The DPP’s leader, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, said he believed Qatar’s conservative MuBro sponsoring government “will very likely expect to have a direct or indirect influence on the mosque,” hampering the integration of Muslims in Danish society. … (there will never be integration; its haram, ‘forbidden’.)

Denmark’s first ‘real’ mosque opens, bankrolled by Qatar

“…..we are so happy with this donation: it’s a generous gift that comes with no demands…..”


Residents  vote “No Confidence in the Council”

BENDIGO COUNCIL MEETING 18/6/2014—VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE CARRIED: Once the decision had been announced by council to approve the planning permit for the Bendigo Mosque a member from the Gallery proposed a motion of a vote of “No Confidence in the Council” —the vote was completely carried by all the residents. They had quorum.

Councillors Chapman and Leach then both left the room in protest of the decision to pass the flawed planning application and the motion. The residents …Continue Reading

5 thoughts on “Bendigo Mosque: ‘‘The system is on our side", claims Muslim agitprop, "you can’t do anything about it.’’ …”

  1. Whacky Zacky Mallah ….
    Bit of incorrect reporting going around about this pricky little certified Jihadist.

    The Victorian Age stated about Mallah:
    “… who has no who has no links with the Bendigo Muslim community, said he hopes the 4am call for prayer is turned up ‘‘full blast’’ when the mosque opens.”

    What “the Moslem” actually said in his video was – …he would personally turn the volume right up – purely to annoy the non-moslems.

    Get the Moslems out of Australia – real quick ….
    Islam’s Moslem behavior (that is their walk – ignore their talk) is being illustrated in Iraq right now.

    1. “incorrect reporting” from al AGE? Who ever heard of a thing like that?

      Well, as we all know, every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, and when Zacky shows up in Bendigo you can rest assured that the local headbangers will stand with him, as is their religious duty. Otherwise they would be seen as heretics.

  2. How about a solid informative report from one of the insiders about the situation with the Bendigo mosque?

  3. According to an article I found somewhere it was Council officers that recommended to the councillors that the Bendigo mosque be approved.

    Unelected bureaucrats strike again!

  4. What non-Moslems really have to get ….
    (Otherwise it will be the death of you and yours and me and mine)

    The Moslems Know ….
    • Radical islam is islam.
    • Moderate islam is the Trojan Horse.

    The Moslems wont tell you ….
    • There is no Radical islam.
    • There is no Moderate islam.
    • Islam is islam – the one and only.

    Do you really think what the Moslems are doing in the rest of the world is unique to there ?
    Watch it happen here – if Moslems are not “expelled” from Australia
    Otherwise – Here it comes Australia!
    The Moslem’s previous Sydney Riots are tame!
    Moslem( )

    The Dhimmis Lefties Greenies and Do Gooders will be the first to run – to where – oh Shiite – no where to go.
    ISIS (islam’s Moslems) are living proof that a very small armed group can overrun a greater community – although the Cowardly Moslems wouldn’t defend their own against their own.

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