Bendigo Mosquerade: 'We just want a place to go that's ours'

Ballarat’s dhimmies are celebrating the coming of an Islamic fortress 
From the Q-Society:What must have happened to the human brain that it that makes sheeple welcome the building of a bridgehead for the most discriminatory, misogynistic and violence-inspiring ideology?But then many Germans and Austrians also welcomed the rise of the NSDAP and worshiped HItler as their savior.

Humans can be strange animals. (Courier Mail)

BALLARAT has ushered in a new era with the first dedicated prayer space for its growing Muslim population nearing completion.

‘We just want a place to go that’s ours’

A mosque is not simply a place to worship. It is a fortress, a beachhead of Islam behind enemy lines. It is to open up the land of the infidels that is yet to be conquered. Forget about the religious brimborium, the prayer charade where they curse the kafirs: the mosque is a place for plotting our demise, for the indoctrination of the young, a propaganda centre to spread Islam. A mosque is a military headquarter for the soldiers of Islam, no less.

MUSLIM community member Heri Febriyanto last night hugged supporters that attended a peace ceremony in Bendigo.

More free hugs at Bendigo Advertiser,  by EMMA-JAYNE SCHENK June 20, 2014

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One thought on “Bendigo Mosquerade: 'We just want a place to go that's ours'”

  1. The Muhammadans – said ….
    We just want a place to go that’s ours

    There you have it Bendigo non-Muhammadans – the truth from the Muhammadans.
    That is their intention to take Bendigo from you ! – Absolutely & Literally !

    Muhammadans – the better plan would be to take yourselves to Mecca – and stay there.

    A Mosque is a “Trojan Horse”
    Where “islam” processes and trains its submitters (originally called Muhammadans – and they did/do not like this description) to kill all non-submitters to islam.

    Do you not believe the “kill” bit ? – (so Jihad is not happening ?)
    Take the time to read the Qur’an – thus revealing islam – visit ….

    Try M.M. Pickthall’s translation “The Meaning of the Glorious Koran” – he was an English Revert and he was so very proud of the accuracy of his translation.
    Always read the Qur’an in chronological order (makes the unreadable understandable) to see which verses are abrogated by a later verse ….

    • Muhammadans “demanded” they wanted to be called “Muslims”(Arabic = “one who gives himself to God”)
    • Muhammadans were previously called Moslems(pronounced as Mozlem in English – Arabic =”one who is evil and unjust”) but the Western Press caved to islam’s demand to use “muslim” ..
    • Muhammadans(sub-humans who worship the embodiment of evil and the unjust “Muhammad” – who they want to “be”) – or “something” like that !

    Radical islam is islam.
    Moderate islam is the Trojan Horse – Understand ?

    And to Australian Politicians(Dhimmis – Traitors and Seditionist)
    There is no Radical islam
    There is no Moderate islam
    Islam is islam

    An islam submitter is a ….
    • Muhammadan – but they call themselves – “Muslim”(“one who gives himself to God”).
    • Muhammadan – and they really are – Moslem(“one who is evil and unjust”).
    • Muhammadan – and they will always remain – Muhammadan(a sub-human that worship the embodiment of evil and the unjust “Muhammad” – paedophile, murderer, thief, just an all round “criminal” )

    Moslem( )

    Always Keeping in Mind ….
    – The description is not what is the problem.
    – it is the “political ideology” and its “practice (acting out)” that is the problem.

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