"Better they die…."

Now that is a strong statement full of racism, hate speech

Go out and see what happens when you make this (or a similar) statement in public:

“It is better they get lost, better they die, better they don’t live in this country than be a disease, a virus and a parasite on our religion, race and country….”

Guess in which country they get away with it?

Obama Shrugs


One of the last Christian strongholds in Iraq came under attack this week, and its last remaining citizens are making a desperate plea to the United States for help.

You’ll never find a guilty Mohammedan:

Gitmo Apes All Lawyered Up

Guantanamo terrorists use their lawyers and the media to discredit the U.S. government

Gitmo apes use media, lawyers and int’l organizations to spread a false message of: mental anguish, inhumane detention conditions, medical mistreatment, abuse. (Al Jizz makes it sound as if it is not true).


Is Mahathir trying to put the genie back into the bottle?

Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister yesterday lamented that the Malays were now willing to engage in religious violence, which included killing other Muslims, in order to gain entry into Heaven. …

Dr Mahathir said he tried searching the Quran for the order that Muslims can commit suicide or kill other Muslims, but instead found verses that urged Muslims to make peace. (He must be reading a different Koran….)

More futile attempts to gain entry into Heaven at MSN News thanks to Mullah, pbuh