Is Hanson-Young Australia's New PM?

Petulant child senator Sarah Hanson-Young throwing hissy fits over  “prison ships”

BfSx1VJCcAAYr-B.jpg-largeObviously, it never occurred to her and her ilk that Australia’s immigration policy must not be dictated by Indonesia, or Sri Lanka or any other third world nation.

But Hanson Young’s  career depends on it. She made herself the speaker for the third world.

THE federal government has refused to confirm reports that a boat carrying 153 Tamil asylum seekers, including 30 children, is in high seas off Christmas Island.

1900145_588444254579251_868694980_n1Greens immigration spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young is concerned about asylum seekers who may be on board Australian  (?) ships.

 “It seems as though it is more like `operation prison ships’ than it is Operation Sovereign Borders.”

Here’s an older entry from the Sydney Moonbat Herald where she and the complicit enemedia does the same song and dance:


Border protection deny running ‘prison ship’ for asylum seekers

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Border protection authorities have denied they’re running a ”prison ship” off the coast of Christmas Island for asylum seekers arriving in Australian territorial waters.

Immigration officials faced a grilling at a Senate estimates hearing on Monday night about unconfirmed reports an asylum seeker boat was intercepted off Christmas Island in mid-May and its passengers are in custody on the Customs Ocean Protector ship.

Customs chief executive Michael Pezzullo maintained that only an illegal foreign fishing boat had been intercepted near Christmas Island recently.

Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young referred to reports Christmas Islanders saw clothing packs being taken out to the Ocean Protector.

But Mr Pezzullo refused to comment on logistics, operational matters or any legal advice about holding people in custody.

He rejected Labor senator Kim Carr’s description that asylum seekers were being detained on a ”prison ship”.

”People are being held in secure circumstances and subject to operational orders,” he said, adding they were appropriately cared for with adequate food and water.

Senator Carr asked how many people were in custody on the Ocean Protector and other vessels.

”I’m not going to discuss that,” Mr Pezzullo said.

On Monday, Senator Hanson-Young told Fairfax Media that the Abbott government’s ” obsession with secrecy means that we are hearing eye-witness reports of refugee boats from Christmas Island locals, while Customs and Immigration officials remain tight-lipped”.

”The government is refusing to answer even the most basic questions about the health and safety of people who may be locked up inside a customs vessel right now,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

”The boats haven’t stopped; the government has just stopped telling the Australian people what is really happening.

”This consistent cover-up from the Abbott government is very concerning. There are lives being put at risk out on the open ocean because of the Coalition’s reckless tow-back policy and they’re refusing to be upfront about that.

”The government must own up to the fact that Operation Sovereign Borders has become Operation Prison Ships.”

In estimates, Mr Pezzullo also would not confirm whether additional orange life boats had been bought since $2.5 million was allocated last year.

Several life boats have washed up on Indonesian shores with asylum seekers on board.

The Coalition government maintains there have been no successful people smuggling ventures since late December, but officials refused to confirm reports nine asylum seeker boats had been turned back to Indonesia from Australian waters since late December.

In early May, Indonesian navy officers claimed Australian authorities added three people to an asylum seeker boat before sending it back to their country.

The Australian Federal Police are considering a request to investigate the matter, which legal experts say might constitute a people-smuggling offence under Australian law.

Operation Sovereign Borders commander Angus Campbell would not comment on the incident saying it was an on-water matter.


18 thoughts on “Is Hanson-Young Australia's New PM?”

  1. Senator Sarah Hanson Young is not only naive, she is dangerous. She forsakes border security for a seat on government, paid for by tax payers, and she only encourages more and more boat people. Does she forget the Imam who with many followers living off the Australian tax payer on welfare, receiving over $1 million, all the time planning a mass suicide bombing at the MCG AFL grand final.
    These people are mostly economic refugees which does not come under the UN charter for refugee status.

  2. This repulsive Female is NOT a “child” senator. Hanson-no-longer-Young, is fully “for sale”. She got back into the Senate thanks to Clive Palmer, who , as a Millionaire Miner doesn’t really fit the hypocritical agenda of the Greens, she obviously has wet dreams about all those strong muslim males, looking like “condoms stuffed with peanuts” (Human Growth Hormones?) and with her vulgarly confected permanent outrage, and crocodile tears for the CHIIILDREN…the SICK CHILDREN ON THE PRISON SHIPS, her ham acting would get her a minor role in Palywood Scenes. Gosh, this cow is really N.A.U.S.E.A.T.I.N.G ….and apart from all that: I really really really can’t stand the VULGARITY of her hypocrisie. And please dont call her a child – she never has had the innocence of a child to grow into such a blatant opportunist.
    end of rant mode.

    1. I fear its more than ‘wet dreams’- when you lie down with dogs you’re likely to get up with fleas. Like Claudia Roth in Germany, these people become agents for the other side. We have laws against treason. These laws must be applied.

  3. This lady must be having her brains in the wrong place. Is she aware that Australia will soon be doomed if people like her get elected to positions of power. Or, their actions may eventually lead unfortunately by necessity to what is happening in Thailand. Grow up lady. You have not lived in the world we live in.

  4. K.P.Varan,
    She is not intelligent, and I suspect an analysis of how she got to her current position might be very enlightening. Folks, those of you who are concerned about the utterings of the loonies from the Greens need to write to your politicans, write to your newspapers, and write to Canberra.

  5. Hanson Young and the Greens want us to believe they are concerned about the lives of asylum seekers? Isn’t this the party that wants to legalize abortion and euthanasia,the policies of death.

  6. @Kevin June 29, 2014 at 10:52 am

    “Senator Sarah Hanson Young is not only naive, she is dangerous.”

    That why that old adage is so true. That the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Liberalism is dangerous for the rest.

    As for that slimy POS Gallaway. He only likes his women to be Muzzie trophy wives so he can milk his Moslem overlords for more dosh.

    Hey, after the money dried up from the Commies, he had to go somewhere to make a living. Keeping up multiple homes in different countries is not cheap.

  7. sarah hanson is not naïve she is a very dangerous woman, that play,s very dirty to get power over other peoples back get her out. she is not a senator .tears are very easy to produce ask any teenager ,they use it all the time when in trouble because others fall for it

  8. Oh shutup senator sea patrol! The Abbott government isn’t putting lives at risk. Labor and Greens did by encouraging these people to get on the boats and come here illegally. She seems to have selective amnesia about all the asylum seekers who drowned on the way here under the Labor/Greens policies.

    Abbott is doing his job and protecting the AUSTRALIAN people. If these criminals want to keep coming here, that’s their own damn fault when they get locked up or towed back!

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