Cultural Differences: Gang of Muselmaniacs thrashing a Kafir Bloody While Pausing to Hand Out Muselprop

Luton, that’s Tommy Robinson’s home town:

UK: Muslims face jail after beating non-Muslim while handing out Islamic tracts

AbuRahinAziz1It seems ludicrous at first glance: a gang of Muslims thrashing a non-Muslim bloody while pausing to hand out pro-Muslim leaflets. Ordinarily, one would think that it would have crossed their minds that they weren’t exactly presenting an attractive picture of Islam by punching, kicking, and hitting someone with a crutch — but then it all starts to make sense. They were illustrating Muhammad’s statement: As Muhammad said, “I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah, and he who professed it was guaranteed the protection of his property and life on my behalf except for the right affairs rest with Allah.” (Sahih Muslim 30) So the passersby could see: if they wanted their property and lives to be protected, they needed to convert to Islam forthwith.

“Luton Muslims [sic] preachers, including ringleader Abu Aziz, face jail after being found guilty of affray at the Old Bailey,” by Julia Sutton, Luton & Dunstable Express, June 19, 2014 (thanks to Halal Pork Shop):

A gang of devout Luton Muslims who chanted ‘f**k the Queen’ after battering an innocent football fan to the ground and leaving him covered in blood are facing jail.

In other news:

Andrew White was set upon by ten Asian men as he walked along Oxford Street in London’s West End.He was hit on the back of the head by ringleader Abu Rahin Aziz, 32, of Hazelbury Crescent, Luton, and punched, kicked, and struck with a crutch as he lay prone on the ground.

When the Muslim group shouted ‘F*ck the Queen’ as Mr White lay bleeding on the ground, football supporters responded by singing the national anthem, the Old Bailey heard.

The gang had cleared the area of Asian women and children before the attack, and handed out pro-Muslim leaflets as the violence was happening.

Qadeer Ahmed, 29, of Althorp Road, Luton; Naseer Khan, 31, of Milfield Road, Luton; Munim Abdul, 33, of Hampton Road, Luton; Jalal Ahmed, 26, of Cavendish Road, Luton; Yousef Bashir, 34 of Dane Road, Luton; Rajib Khan, 36, of Vestry Close, Luton; Moshiur Rahman, 32, of Dane Road, Luton; Mohan Uddin, 36, of Trinity Road, Luton, and Kamran Khan, 29, of Wodecroft Road, Luton, have all admitted affray.

Aziz, an associate of firebrand cleric Anjem Choudary, fled the UK before his trial and is thought to have joined jihadists in Syria.

He denied affray but the jury took just over two hours to convict him of affray in his absence.

Judge Paul Worslsey QC said the attack linked to another bout of disorder a week earlier.

Kamran Khan and Mohan Uddin were both convicted last month of sectarian violence by Sunni Muslims against a rival Shia sect of Islam in Edgware Road at a protest march led by Anjem Choudary.

The pair were in the dock alongside Mohammed Ishtiaq Alamgir, 34, Mirza Ali, 39, and white Muslim convert Jordan Horner, 20, a member of the so-called ‘Muslim Patrol’.

All those involved in both outbreaks of violence are due to be sentenced on Friday.

The trial heard Mr White had been watching the Northampton Town v Bradford City League Two playoff final on May 18 last year, and was on his way with friends to the City of Quebec pub in Old Quebec Street.

Aziz and his pals were manning a Dawah stall outside Top Shop and picked out Mr White as the victim of a pre-planned attack.

Aziz landed the initial blow before Qadeer Ahmed launched himself at Mr White, battering him on the ground using his hands and feet.

Bashir handed his crutch to Uddin and began raining down blows on the football fan, said prosecutor Will Hays.

Kamran Khan also took part in the fight before harassing a group of horrified passers-by outside Top Shop.

Mohammed Khan ran into the melee and kicked and stamped on Mr White as he lay helpless on the ground.

Uddin, now armed with Bashir’s crutch, used it to strike the victim when he was on the floor.

‘Eventually the victim was able to roll out of the group, but remained on the ground, abandoned by the group and bleeding from his head and his mouth’, added Mr Hays.

Members of the public administered first aid before an ambulance crew arrived.

Mr Hays said a protest had been held the same day outside the US embassy in Grovesor Square, central London, by Muslims railing against US foreign policy….

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  1. Dear Mr. White,
    Get off of your pansy a** and learn how to protect yourself and prevail in armed and unarmed combat. I do not feel sorry for you or anybody else who cannot and or does not.

  2. @PH: What sort of cowardly victim-blaming “inshallah” nonsense is that?!

    Have you never been attacked by surprise / from behind yourself?! By gangs of aggressors, without warning and for basically no reason at all?

    All the martial arts training in the world won’t help you then, mate!

    And crowds of white Britons cowered nearby and did nothing either.

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