Doha's Magnificent Mausoleum of Nothingness

Qatar: Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art



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Perhaps some of our readers have been there. It would be interesting to hear from them. What, if anything, is on display there? What is it that Muslims wish to show to unsuspecting visitors?

Will it be the swords of Muhammad? His toothbrush?  Will it be the shrouds of his harem?  Is there a display of  the pubic hair of Aisha, his beloved child wife? A tooth of the prophet? A hair from his henna dyed beard? Are there samples of medical science based on camel urine,  black seeds and proof that the earth is indeed flat? That the sun sinks in a murky pond? Can’t wait to hear from you, dear readers.

My curiosity is running wild. Don’t let me wait!


4 thoughts on “Doha's Magnificent Mausoleum of Nothingness”

  1. An question Easily answered …..
    Simply have a visit to the new “ISLAMIC MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIA” situated in Melbourne – BUT ONLY IF THERE IS NO ENTRANCE FEE – you do not want to contribute to islam in any way – this is the same as avoiding all halal certified products for sale in Australia.

    A better way – look at the video in a previous article and see basically three surfboards decorated in the Australian Aboriginal style – Oh and a bit later – a certified working gifted Didgeridoo.

    If you watch the video – you will see Joe Hockey (Hokeidonian – His father’s original surname) opening the “ISLAMIC MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIA” and sucking up to muslims and islam (being a Dhimmi – or is he a muslim) and (either way Joe) tells us islam is the future of Australia (his exact words – Oh Dear!).

    So the answer to the question is ….
    nothing islamic ….
    because there simply isn’t anything of islam for them to put in it.
    …. perhaps 1001 variations of the prayer rug with arabic writing extolling their “Allah”.

    When you visit the linked related article – there are interior shots of “Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art” and it is huge cavernous and empty.

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    1. Thanks for reporting glitches. Did it only happen with the above post or is it a regular occurrence?

  2. I would guess that museum is full of calligraphy and one BIG ASS KORAN, plated in gold. LOL

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