Geert Wilders plan against Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands

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Party for Freedom (PVV) proposes plan against Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands

Marked-for-Death-Geert-WildersParty for Freedom (PVV) proposes plan against Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands Islam shows its true face in Syria and Iraq. Gruesome fanatics, including terrorists with Dutch passports, leave a trail of blood throughout the Middle East. The Netherlands have to protect themselves. If we don’t, the barbaric scenes that play today in Syria and Iraq will soon be repeated in our country. The PVV proposes 10 concrete measures to protect the Netherlands against Islamic terror:

  1. Once gone, forever gone
    People leaving to fight for Islam in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere, will automatically lose their Dutch nationality, and will be not be allowed to return to our country. Their accounts will be frozen and confiscated. This also applies to those who recruit people to fight for Islam.

2. Immediate imprisonment
Those fighters who have already returned from Syria must be imprisoned immediately. They must be administratively detained. Participation in and support of the armed Islamic struggle should be punishable by law.

  1. Control the borders
    Reintroduce border controls at once. We leave Schengen and the EU so that we can guard our own borders.
  2. Stop Immigration from Islamic countries
    Immigration of people from Islamic countries must be stopped, including asylum seekers. International treaties have to be modified or terminated so that this becomes possible.
  3. Voluntary re-emigration
    We advocate voluntary re-emigration of people from Islamic countries. A survey shows that 73% of Dutch Muslims consider Syria fighters to be heroes. Such disgusting sympathies do not belong in the Netherlands.
  4. Deal hard with the supporters

Mosques, Islamic schools and other organizations that provide financial or other support to those who go to fight in Syria must be closed down immediately. They should be confronted with civil, administrative and criminal penalties.

  1. No military intervention
    Dutch intervention in the Islamic world is useless. Countries can only became safe, prosperous and democratic, if they renounce Islam. But this is their own responsibility. We should focus on the protection of the Netherlands. No arms exports to Islamic countries.
  2. More money for security
    Stop wasting money on development aid. Give more money to the AIVD (the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service).
  3. Support Israel
    Israel is the front line in the fight against jihad. Stimulate economic relations with Israel. If Israel falls, the West falls.
  4. Break diplomatic relations with supporters of terror
    The Netherlands should break diplomatic relations with countries, such as Saudi Arabia an d Qatar, that support terror.

6 thoughts on “Geert Wilders plan against Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands”

  1. fantastic set of basic rules, hopefully we will have them world wide one day soon.

  2. I’m happy that many European countries are fighting the monster within. I hope it will work and any religion that advocate violence will be defeated.

  3. As a Nigerian, I have a first-hand information of the danger of allowing a cult-like politico-religious institution into a country. The menace of Islamic boko haram and the maitasine group had virtually destroyed the peace of Northern Nigeria. Europe must thrive never to be a victim of Islamic savagery.

  4. Excellent.

    If the Netherlands did this, they would swiftly become one of the safest countries in the world.

    If *all* non-Muslim countries did similar, I think the jihad would get pushed back into its bottle pretty damn quick.

  5. A well written article. A great pity that our cowardly politicians will ignore it.

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