IDF Breaks Ramadan Fast With 'Surgical Strike'



From the Urban Dictionary:

A peculiar Palestinian custom of swarming around a car which had recently held Palestinian Arab Muslim extremists terrorists but which was then blown up by Israel in a targeted killing of the terrorists inside. Often, thousands of Palestinian men will swarm around the destroyed vehicle, looking to retreive bits of flesh from the incinerated “martyrs.” The bodily remains are then paraded around in triumph. (UD forgets to mention that the Pal’s also lick the blood of the departed or smear it on themselves, for whatever reasons….)

Palestinians gather around the remains of a car which police said was hit in an Israeli air strike, in Gaza City


The Jerusalem Post has reported an ‘unverified’ video which purports to show a super-precision Israeli airstrike somewhere in the Gaza Strip yesterday. (Breitbart)

The footage, which appears to be piece together from a number of CCTV cameras, shows how accurate Israeli targeting is when the country’s armed forces strikes at terrorists in Gaza – despite terrorists placing infrastructure and weaponry close to schools and in civilian buildings.

The website reports that “Security cameras near the Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip allegedly recorded the assassination of two terrorists by the Israel Air Force.”

The car can be seen being struck with an almighty explosion following. A man walking just a few metres behind the car at first seems dazed, but unhurt.

Flashback: American Muslims celebrating 9/11

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