"Refugees" from India? Hell no!

We should be be accepting alleged refugees from a democracy such as India

But be sure there will be a concerted effort from some in the media to use this as a battering ram to smash open our doors again.– Andrew Bolt: From India? Then no

Nobody is safe in a Mohammedan state

27-year-old Meriam Ibrahim, who became internationally known after the government of Sudan sentenced her to death for refusing to convert to Islam, is now safe at the United States embassy in that nation after being re-arrested while trying to leave the country.  (Check out the comments on Breitbart!)


Christians in Turkey ‘fearful’ after knife-wielding men terrorize Istanbul church

…. a group of eight unidentified men recently entered a Latin Catholic Church in Istanbul’s YeÅŸilköy neighborhood during a baptism ceremony, allegedly harassing the congregation… and: “Less people have been attending mass since the latest attacks,” Gürdal noted. “They fear coming to the church.”