Islam: when the judiciary becomes a charade….

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French Judiciary Weasels Out: 

A French court on Thursday ordered a man accused of carrying out a deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May to be extradited to Belgium.

The court in Versailles, west of Paris, said Franco-Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, who was detained several days after the May 24 attack, should be handed over to Belgian authorities for “killings with a terrorist connotation”.

Is that because Belgium, which is not even a country, has such an excellent record in bringing Islamic terrorists to justice?

Jordan: Judiciary Complicity With Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda cleric Abu Qatada acquitted by Jordan of terrorism conspiracy charge

article-2670467-1F24847100000578-868_634x431Jordan: “Star of the jihadist world” found not guilty of jihad terror plot

Following a near decade-long legal process, which cost British taxpayers millions of pounds,the father-of-five was finally extradited last July.

Needless to mention that he left his brood behind.—Read more: 

French Court Drops Lawsuit Against Dieudonné

Musel-clown’s video mocking the Holocaust doesn’t constitute hate speech

Double Standard of Anti-Hate Speech Laws in France: Taunt Les Juifs All You Want, But Don’t Be Beastly to the Muslims (Who are Beastly to Jews)  No wonder French Jews are exiting the joint by the thousands.

“All terrorism is inherently violent.”

Lawyer for Muslim who tried to join jihad says he engaged only in “nonviolent terrorism”

“I don’t know what non-violent terrorism is,” Crown attorney Jim Clark said in response to the defence argument that the sentence should distinguish between violent and non-violent forms of terrorism. “All terrorism is inherently violent.”