Jitters about returning jihadists downunder (and elsewhere)

“This is not about religion. It’s about extremism, illegality and violence,” –Tony Abbott, PM of Australia

Tony Abbott, Please Keep Your Pie-hole Shut!

Stop making a fool of yourself !

CANBERRA, Australia—Australia has warned of a “disturbingly large” migration of Islamic militants from at home and elsewhere to join the conflict in Iraq, and said it was urgently trying to increase regional counterterrorism cooperation to guard against any future threat they might pose.

Aberdeen Muslim Community ‘Fears Backlash’

“As a community we’re in shock and we just hope that the media handle it responsibly, because there can be a backlash to these kind of things and that would be totally wrong.”

Sydney Mustard Meets Virgins


Andrew Bolt’s readers are not buying his professional sympathies for al Jazeera propagandist Peter Creste:

AUSTRALIAN journalist Peter Greste and his Al Jazeera colleagues accused of aiding the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood have been jailed for seven years in Egypt. 

I was struck by this bit:

“… the parent organization, Al Jazeera, is putting these people in a very compromising situation by not just covering what is happening in Egypt, but, in some ways, actually participating in it.”

You could pretty much say that about ‘our ABC’, too, in its jihad against the Abbott government.

His readers have certainly outdone Bolt on this thread: Peter Greste a POW in Egypt’s war on Islamism and its allies in al Jazeera

Al Jazeera “Journalists” are Employees of State Sponsored Terror


3 thoughts on “Jitters about returning jihadists downunder (and elsewhere)”

  1. Very disappointed in Tony Abbott (no alternative available though), when today in question time he basically bum-kissed the “present in the Gallery” gaggle of Imans of Australia – greeting them, and reassuring them that Islam was good for Australia blablabla – it didn’t “reassure” me at all – this is, in fact hardly ever done – (this specific greeting) except for very very important or famous people.
    Prime Minister, CHANGE YOUR WAYS, we dont want a David Camoron for PM. Stop licking islam.

  2. Re AlJezeera- ABC and SBS are using them – completely UNCRITICALLY – as “news source”. Talk about an unholy trinity of Propagandists who would make Goebbels jealous.

  3. Arise Australia and start kicking these muzloids out of our great country.

    If we are having big issues now imagine what it’ll be like in 10 15 years?

    If we do ever get a PM like that dhimmi cameron we might as well give them what we have today that way our future generations will be spared the horrors of what this viral infection wants for us.

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