We now foolishly breed our own jihadists


Now Andrew Bolt calls for the government to consider clamping down on Islamic immigration: 

These aren’t good days for those flogging the furphy of “Islam is a religion of peace”. Many papers, radio and TV shows are running stories about mosques, jihadis, deception and violence. Don’t bother watching the talking heads of “The Project” on Channel Ten tonight. Australia’s favourite Muslim and senior lecturer on all matters Islam, terrorism and multicultural harmony, Waleed Ali, will surely want to put matters right.

Screen-Shot-2013-05-31-at-11.30.40-AM1We can expect that OIC & Co will be throwing extra wads of money from our petrol and air travel purchases at us. The message ‘Islam is the religion of peace – and whoever says otherwise is mentally insane’ will become much louder.

Encourage everyone you know to write and ring in to our media outlets and pollies and share the truth. Tell them that you welcome the critical and open debate and that we need more of that. Ask them to invite non-Islamic scholars of Islam to their talk shows and panel discussions.

This is not the time to sit back or shout at your screen. Now is the time to spend at least half an hour each day to write letters, make calls and talk to people about the true nature of Islam. This is indeed a wake-up call.

We would not be in this mess if our rulers had decided to protect our society instead of feebly colluding with our enemies.

Andrew Bolt:

Leo McKinstry on a danger Britain imported and then nursed:

The police have estimated that more than 500 young radicals from our shores have travelled to the Middle East to join extremist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a notoriously savage organisation that wants to create a despotic medieval caliphate.

 Yhe truth is that Islamic extremists have contempt for our society. Their allegiance is entirely to their hardline doctrine, not to this country.


Indeed, it is absurd to describe them as “British” at all, for they have complete disdain for the normal responsibilities of British citizenship.

They are interested only in exploiting us, whether it be through welfare or education or housing or legal aid.

I have tried to raise similar issues with our Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, with no luck:

Andrew Bolt: Scott, we’ve already had 21 jihadists jailed here on terrorism charges, another 150 fighting overseas, two Australians have even appeared in an ISIS video, telling Muslims to come on over and join the fighting. Many Australians would be asking, is it smart, in these circumstances, to take so many immigrants from Muslim countries? Why expose us to this danger?

Minister Morrison: Well, the vast majority, if not complete number, of those who we have concerns about are Australian citizens, Andrew. They’re the ones who have been identified, and are being closely watched, and they’re the ones we’re on high alert for at our airports, both on the way out and the way in, in terms of those who might be participating in that dreadful conflict, which is just absolutely despicable.

Andrew Bolt: Yes, but more than half the 21 terrorists jailed here were born overseas. Almost everyone else was born to people that came in from the Middle East. Shouldn’t we be screening better for cultural compatibility with Australia?

Minister Morrison: Well, when I look at issues under the character test, which is 501, for people of bad character, I’m cancelling visas right across the board and right across any number of different ethnic backgrounds, be they Anglo-Celtic, through to Middle Eastern, through to Asian, to Polynesian, and right across the board. Criminality Andrew, isn’t specific to any one group…

Andrew Bolt: Are you actually denying that there’s a specific problem with Middle Eastern immigrants?

Minister Morrison: What I’m saying is, is that, wherever I’m focused, it’s always on the criminality and the threats and issues that need to be focused on from the government’s perspective. And I do that right across the board. My first concern is people who may present a threat, and where I believe they present a threat then I’ll take the actions that are available under the various laws.

Andrew Bolt: Yeah, but here’s the problem. You can’t screen the children of immigrants coming in, and it’s the second generation that seems to be particularly more militant than their parents who come here. That’s why I think, you know, perhaps the issue of immigration for Muslim countries should be considered as a potential problem.

Minister Morrison: Well, what we’ve found over, not just 50 years, Andrew, but longer than that in this country, as an immigration country, is that, those who come to Australia to work, not to go on welfare, to make a contribution, go right across the spectrum.


(Via Tim Blair, who notes a celebration by Australian Muslims of jihadist barbarity.)

One thought on “We now foolishly breed our own jihadists”

  1. Andrew Bolt staqted the fact …..
    ….I have tried to raise similar issues with our Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, with no luck:

    How about a Web Site/Page with public list of all known Australian non-Muhammadan Dhimmis (with Photo ID) who Assist and Enable islam !

    This list would be able to be added to (and displayed after a Moderation that includes verification of The Dhimmis Actions and Behaviour) by aware and concerned non-Muhammadan Citizens – I am not aware of anything like that currently in the world.

    Perhaps this is the way to finally rid Australia of ALL “The Muhammadan Menace” via Expulsion or “Expulsion” – including the Dhimis after they have surved their deserved periods of incarceration for Treason and/or Sedition.

    Why – Because the Australian Politicians have shown….
    (stopping the boats is not stopping “Legal” Muhammadan immigration or Expelling or “Expelling” the Muhammadans that have publicly stated they want to kill all Australian non-Muhammadans)
    ….they are not interested in preserving the security of their non-muhammadan Citizens from the Muhammadan Scourge – in fact they use (as as example) Waleed Aly (and his ilk) as the model moderate Muslim, in the media to persuade us we have little to fear from Islam but our own bigotry.

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