Journaillie Discovers Q-Society! Stop Presses!

The word is out, there’s a secretive Islam-critical group in Australia! They are the Q Society!

Revealed: The secretive Q Society’s battle against Islam

In a brazen act of ground-braking forensic journalism, Daniel Piotrowski (below a picture of that milquetoast!) at News Ltd has uncovered the Q Society of Australia.

881934-daniel-piotrowski-newsDuly incorporated and publicly on record since 2010, holding public meetings all around the country, sending out media releases, giving radio, TV and newspaper interviews and sporting a website with ABN, bank account and all the contact details one can wish for. Now that must be worth a Poolitzer for Daniel – plus a big cookie with cream from his editor.

And look which old friend was rolled out as the self-appointed spokesturd for the Muselmaniacs of Australia and the conquered territories: No other than Kayser Trad himself!

Read it and weep!

2 thoughts on “Journaillie Discovers Q-Society! Stop Presses!”

  1. Kaiser Trad – that Muslim Brotherhood guy who approved of the gang-rapes of young Australian non-muslim girls by muslim thugs? Protecting the Sheik Hilali who rated non-muslim Australian rape-victims lower than whores – indeed as mere “meat” left out for the cats to rip apart, because they dont wear this offensive – honour-killing-encouraging Burka? The oh-so-close friend-with-benefits? to Sheik Hilali who vandalised his own mosque in Lakemba and blamed “some-one else” for it – but who due to his IQ got caught by his own security camera? The protector of that Sheisk who was happy (in that typical islamic way) after 9/11?

    I suppose this guy is a supporter of ISIS, Al Queda, Honour Killings, Polygamy, Sharia for Australia….. Why is he not deported yet?

    Thank you Q-Society for your courageous, very informative and completely ethical work. It says a lot of your detractors, (who also threaten Geert Wilders, Paemela Geller, Robert Spencer and other REAL EXPERTS on the dangers of Islam for Non-Muslims AND for Muslims) that you have to take those absolutely necessary security precautions – because these detractors and their “brothers” do kill – e.g. Van Gough in Holland, to mention but ONE of the thousands of victims since 9/11.

    End of rant – but truly – these “allah-u-akbarist vermin and their fully corrupt “media” mates really make me sick !!

    You may delete the above, dear Sheik!

  2. No other than Kayser Trad himself!

    In 2009, the New South Wales Supreme Court found that Mr Trad ‘incites people to commit acts of violence’, ‘incites people to have racist attitudes’ and is a ‘dangerous and disgraceful individual’.

    Keysar Trad, from the “Islamic Friendship Association of Australia” [an Islamic Joke], said ….
    the group spreads disturbing, baseless Islamophobia.”

    Dear (Felon.) Trad
    There is absolutely no such thing as islamophobia
    – it is a word made up by your ilk to try to “embarrass” people who are aware of the “real” islam to be quiet.
    – there exists a rational awareness of islam – but not an irrational fear.
    – and that rational awareness is named – islamonausea.
    – and that is the experience for non-Muhammadans of islam,

    – so go and behead yourselves.
    – Oh – Ha ha – you are doing that already.

    Non-Muhammadans do not want or require your or Waleed Aly’s “non-believable exhortations of Peaceful intentions” for Muhammadan non-peaceful behaviour – so stop taking undeserved payments.

    More non-Muhammadans are now aware of where to have for themselves the information about islam and its intentions.

    Especially as an easy read of the Qur’an is now available ….
    Read the Qur’an in Chronological order – not Traditional (Longest to shortest Verse) order.
    (In reality you can read the list of the Qur’ans abrogated verses to understand “core” islam.)
    • This way – it is easy to determine the earlier “Peacefull” verses abrogated by later “Violent” verses.
    • Reading the Qur’an with this methodology is easy and reveals islam to its core.

    To assist you – here is a list of abrogations in the Qur’an ….
    • This list allows you to check when a Muhammadan is lying to you about islam.

    A good source of correct information on islam is also available at ….

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