Muslims have a plan…

…and that plan is the same wherever you look:


Victims of Muslim violence.

Muslim Partition of an Independent and United India

By: Paul Wilkinson/Cherson and Molschky

  • All Muslims of India should die for Pakistan.
  • With Pakistan established whole of India should be conquered.
  • All people of India should be converted to Islam.
  • One Muslim should get the right of five Hindus, i.e. each Muslim is equal to five Hindus.
  • Until Pakistan and Indian Empire is established, the following steps should be taken:

(a) All factories and shops owned by Hindus should be burnt, destroyed, looted and loot should be given to League Office.

(b) All Muslim Leaguers should carry weapons in defiance of order.

(c) All nationalist Muslims if they do not join League must be killed by secret Gestapo.

(d) Hindus should be murdered gradually and their population should be reduced.

(e) All temples should be destroyed.

(f) Muslim League spies in every village and district of India.

(g) Congress Leaders should be murdered, one in one month by secret method.

(h) Congress upper offices should be destroyed by secret Muslim Gestapo, single person doing the job.

(i) Karachi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Goa, Vizagapatam should be paralysed by December 1946 by Muslim League volunteers.

(j) Muslim should never be allowed to work under Hindus in Army, Navy, Government services or private firms.

(k) Muslim should sabotage whole of India and Congress Government for the final invasion of India by Muslims…

(p) Hindu women and girls should be raped, kidnapped and converted into Muslims from October 18, 1946.

(q) Hindu culture should be destroyed.

(r) All Leaguers should try to be cruel at all times to Hindus and boycott them socially, economically and in many other ways.

(s) No Muslim should buy from Hindu dealers.

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  1. The source of the post is clearly attributed to Paul Wilkinson of Cherson & Molschky.

    In any case, thanks for sending us the source of the leaflet.

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