Was the Iran-Iraq War a good thing or a bad thing?

25 killed in twin suicide bombings in Iraq 

At least 25 people were killed and 145 others wounded in two suicide bombings in the ethnically mixed Iraqi city of Tuz-Khurmato in Salahudin province Monday, a provincial police source said.

by Hugh Fitzgerald: ISIS In Ramadi: The Goal

The latest attacks in Ramadi, Anbar Province, in permanently violent Iraq, “where the surge worked,” two trillion American dollars later, take place because the Uber-Sunnis of ISIS have no intention of accepting the new dispensation, with the Shi’a Arabs on top. And the Shi’a Arabs, with or without miching Maliki, have no intention of relinquishing the power that, at long last, thanks to the American destruction of Sadddam Hussein’s regime (but the Shi’a have no gratitude to the Infidel Americans, though they’d like some of that military know-how, training, and above all aid to keep coming), was accomplished by early 2004.

In other news:

article-2652193-1E97D78600000578-463_964x578No planes were actually destroyed

The war within Iraq, like the war within Syria, has no end. It may die down, then flare up. But Sunni Arabs, though they are far fewer in Iraq than the Shi’a Arabs, are more aggressive, and will not stop their attacks until they manage — and they won’t manage — to subdue the Shi’a. And in Syria, where the Alawites are fighting for their lives, they, and the Shi’a (who pretend the Alawites are Shi’a) of Hezbollah and Iran who support them, will never yield control of the big cities — Aleppo, Damascus, Homs — even if they allow the northeastern part of the country to wallow in the ISIS-and-Al-Nusra generated violence. And thiis has consquences for Sunni-Shi’a relations elsewhere, including Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, where Sunni hostility only deepens toward the Shi’a and some Shi’a, as in Pakistan, decide that even though they are greatly outnumbered, they have to fight back.

What’s wrong with that? How are non-Musliims damaged if Muslims, anywhere, engage in internecine warfare?  Was the Iran-Iraq War a good thing or a bad thing?