Our civilisation is being betrayed

Andrew Bolt:

 No honour to the killers of our culture
imageTHE Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most iconic building. And on its stage in August was to be a taxpayer-funded talk: “Honour killings are morally justified.”

Be clear: the title is not a question but a statement.

Yes, in the heart of Australia we are now to rationalise the strangling, stoning, burning, beating or shooting of daughters and wives for supposedly shaming their men.

There hasn’t been such a startling symbol of our cultural elite’s loathing of our society and its weakening of our resistance to barbarity. Our civilisation is being betrayed.

In this case, Uthman Badar was invited by Sydney Opera House and the St James Ethics Centre for their Festival of Dangerous Ideas, and planned to attack critics of honour killings as the usual “secular (white) Westerner”, wickedly using these murders as a symbol of “everything that is allegedly wrong with the other culture”. Note: honour killings are only “allegedly wrong”.

Yes, to see Westerners criticise an “Oriental” woman-killer was to see “the powerful condemn the powerless”, according to the blurb approved by Badar. Pity those powerless murderers.

Note one further sinister thing. The festival gave Badar this platform even though he is spokesman for the Islamist extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir, at war with almost every important value and freedom we have.

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ABC presenter on the justification for honour killings

From 3:49, the ABC’s James Carleton explains the benefits of knowing the justification for honour killings. He opposes honour killings, of course, but now far better understands why they may seem necessary.

Incredibly, he then adds the difference between him giving this rationalisation and Uthman Badar is that he himself is non-Muslim, and the opposition to Badar must therefore be based on Islamophobia.

This overlooks a few points. For instance, Badar hasn’t actually explained what his argument is, and Carleton simply imagines it’s one he can accept. Second, Badar’s speech was actually titled “Honor killings are morally justified” – not a question but a statement. The blurb, also approved by Badar, said the speech would be an attack on whites who criticised honor killing. This further suggests Carleton is in full apologetics mode. Lastly, Badar’s record of excusing terrorists and the oppression of women do not entitle him to a privileged platform at such a Festival.

Oh, and I find Carleton’s rationalisation pretty creepy, actually.

Carleton is the presenter who had to apologise the other day for sliming Cardinal George Pell. Far less willingness to be understanding there.

Why is the ABC filled wall-to-wall with the Left?

2 thoughts on “Our civilisation is being betrayed”

  1. “…Incredibly, he then adds the difference between him giving this rationalisation and Uthman Badar is that he himself is non-Muslim, and the opposition to Badar must therefore be based on Islamophobia….”

    If a Jew , Buddhist , Christian, atheist or Hindu had started to argue that honour killings were OK would there not be an outcry ?

    Here’s yet another case of a muslim deviously playing the victim .

    You can bet that if there had been no public outcry – this turd would have argued the case for honour killing with alacrity** – fully believing in its efficacy as a policy of social cohesion in islamic societies. And therefore – by extension, its suitability in ‘lesser’ societies such as our own.

    Actually – I hope he’s back next year at he Opera House arguing for stoning of married people who have affairs, gays and apostates.

    ** no doubt he does in private.

  2. But ‘honour killings’ are cultural, nothing to do with islam …

    # Faith leaders in Pakistan issue fatwa against ‘un-Islamic …

    # Canadian fatwa condemns ‘honour killings’ – Toronto – CBC …

    If the dial-a-fatwas are to believed, there is no basis for trotting out the ‘islamophobia’ baggage.

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