Shrillary in the fog of war: NYT changes story to suit her lies….


The New York Times Manufactures the Truth to Suit Shrillary’s Lies

NY Times Switches Story, Now Says Benghazi Terrorist Abu Khattala Was Upset Over YouTube Video

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In 2012, after the election, The New York Times  sat down with Benghazi terrorist suspect Ahmad Abu Khattala at a cafe in a crowded luxury hotel. Not once in their interview report did they mention that Khattala was upset about an online Islam movie.

abu khattalaAhmed Abu Khattala Credit Facebook

Fast forward to today:

The New York Times now says Khattala planned the attack because he was upset about the American-made online movie.  The New York Times reported, via American Power Blog

So what changed? Hillary is running for president and needs cover. Why else would their story change?

Shrillary in the fog of war: 

Hillary: Hamas officials “largely technocrats”

If Hamas are “technocrats”, then what is Huma?

Why won’t the media cover Huma Abedin’s ties to the global jihad movement?


This is reminiscent of James Clapper’s saying that the Muslim Brotherhood was “largely secular,” and shows yet again that Obama Administration officials have no idea what they’re dealing with in regard to Islamic jihadists, and are taking our nation and our allies on the road to ruin by continuing to ignore and downplay what the […]Continue Reading »

Others, too young to remember, are mentally stuck in Vietnam:

Author of “America’s Star-Spangled History,” Jane Hampton Cook told Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto that Iraq’s takeover by ISIS is “very eerily similar” to the fall of South Vietnam to the Vietcong