The Talented Ahmed Fahur

Ahmed Fahur is the poster child of Muslim immigration to Australia. While he was CEO of the NAB, he introduced sharia banking. Ahmed is a protege of disgraced Labor leader Kevin Rudd, who  called for  accommodation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Thanks to KRudd, Ahmed was made special envoy to the Organisation of The Islamic Cooperation (OIC). KRudd and Ahmed went on business trips  to oil and gas producing regions like Kazakhstan. MalcolmTurnbull had a go at Fahur at least once, he didn’t actually say Ahmed Fahour is a corrupt Labor bag man, but he went rather close on the ABC, here.

Ahmed displays great talent to use infidel largesse to advance the Mohammedan expansion project Downunder.

Australia Post donates boss Ahmed Fahour’s $2m bonus to Islamic Museum of Australia

AUSTRALIA Post donated more than $2 million to an ­Islamic museum in suburban Melbourne in lieu of a bonus it was due to pay its chief executive, Ahmed Fahour.


The Herald Sun can reveal Mr Fahour asked for the bonus to be donated directly to the ­Islamic Museum of Australia, of which he is patron.

The donation was made months ago, but has only emerged now, when Australia Post is sacking 900 staff to stem the losses at its domestic mail division.

Mr Fahour said he and his family had been able to make a “substantial contribution’’ to several not-for-profit organisations in recent years.

Arab banker warns of trade risk over Australia’s stance on Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem

The head of Arab Bank Australia has warned trade with the Middle East will suffer after the Federal Government’s decision to stop referring to Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem as “occupied territories”.

A delegation of Arabic and Islamic countries last week lodged a formal protest to the Foreign Minister over Australia’s recent shift to the term “disputed territories”.  —Its time to tell the Arabs to get stuffed.

More on Ahmed’s millions:

“Earlier this year, I announced that my family had contributed $4 million to the Islamic Museum. We have also made contributions to a number of other community causes such as schools, sporting clubs and the arts,’’ he said.

His family made those contributions? Good heavens!

The Herald Sun understands the bonus formed part of the $4.8 million salary that Mr Fahour was paid in the 2012-2013 financial year.

The donation – expected to be declared in Australia Post’s financial report later this year – raised eyebrows within the organisation, with a source questioning the size of the bonus and the fact it was ­donated to a charity closely linked to Mr Fahour’s family

But another source said the donation was a private one, and that Mr Fahour was an ­incredibly generous man.

Generous with infidel largesse.

 Islamic surfboards in the desert? LOL!  You can’t ride a surfboard on a camel…

A display of Islamic art on surf boards at the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury.A display of Islamic art on surf boards at the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury. Source: News Corp Australia

Opened in Thornbury in March by federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, the Islamic ­Museum of Australia show­cases the heritage and culture of Australian Muslims, through art, architecture, food and installations.

It was inspired by the personal journey of Mr Fahour’s parents, who migrated to Australia from Lebanon in 1969, becoming successful business people and raising eight children, who also have successful careers.

The founder and director of the museum is former Macquarie Bank executive Moustafa Fahour – Ahmed Fahour’s brother. Moustafa’s wife, Maysaa, is the chair­woman and director.

The Fahours’ sister, MasterChef participant Samira El Khafir, is head chef and man­ages the cafe on site.

Last Saturday, Mr Fahour, a director of Carlton Football Club, won a car in a raffle for the club’s 150th anniversary.

He immediately handed it over for auction, where it raised $40,000, to be spent on a program which helps children from ethnic backgrounds with health and education.

 “Ethnic backgrounds” means Muslims. Only.


Australia now has a special envoy to the Organisation of The Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

The Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd announced the appointment of Mr Ahmed Fahour as the Australian special envoy, at the OIC meeting in Kazakhstan today.