UK: infidels must pay for Muslim funerals. Germany: Muslims demand removal of crosses from cemeteries….

MUSLIMS in Derby say they are outraged at plans by Derby City Council to increase the cost of their burials by £1,100.

But now the council has said that the actual cost of the burials is nearer £1,400 and that it has been subsidising the service by £1,100.

Gulfraz Nawaz, secretary of Derby’s Jamia Mosque, said he was astounded.

He said: “There was no consultation and this is really going to anger the community.

“Our community is growing and previously we used to take relatives back to their country for burial but now more and more people are getting buried here in England because that is where they have lived all their lives.

“This is going to affect thousands of people in the city and it is wrong that a decision like this is being made without proper consultation.”

Germany: During muslim burials, crosses must be hidden

Muselmaniacs have long been complaining that kuffars in their host countries shamelessly display their religious symbols, which is offensive to Muslims.

From this German Language publication:

Foto: Neithan90 / wikimedia (public domain)


Massive clashes between different cultures are a near daily occurrence in Germany as well as in Austria. However, conflicts between Christians and muslims cause increasing anger among the citizens and for quite a while they have not been willing to accept just about anything. Recently there was such a case in the German town of Offenbach near Frankfurt on the Main. After an agreement had been reached between the two cultures, the Muslims demanded still more and more.

Cemetary without Crosses?

Dying is no-one’s favorite subject, except in the following case: A muslim community had asked for a special place on the cemetery of the hessian town, Seligenstadt on the Main. So far so good.  Such a place had been found for them. But now the (muslim) community demands that during a (muslim) burial, all Christian symbols be removed from the entire cemetery grounds.

It had taken extensive negotiations to allow the Muslims their own ceremony. On this part of the cemetery, no coffins are to be put into the ground, but the corpses are to be wrapped in cloth, and laid out pointing towards East, ie Mecca. During this procedure, while Suras from the Koran will be read out, all crosses in the mourning hall are to be taken down or hidden away. These demands are made by Bashir Kumcu from the Ahmadiyya Community with the explanation: “We are also making adjustments by following the rules of the cemetery administration.

Nobody from this German town was willing to comment. However the tones one can hear from the town hall are clearer: “The Muslims can hold their funerals ceremonies somewhere else, where there are no Crosses”.

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