“We come to you with slaughter… Rome will be conquered and Andalusia (Spain) retained”

Iraq: an ISIS commander sends a warning to “tyrants and infidels everywhere” with a quotation from the Koran: “There has started between us and us a hostility and hatred for ever until you believe in Allah alone …  (Andrew Bolt)


Libya condemns U.S. arrest of Benghazi suspect, demands his return

Libya condemns U.S. arrest of Benghazi suspect, demands his return—This is the Libyan regime that Obama was instrumental in installing, …JIHAD WATCH
Saudis, Who Mistreat Their Shi’a, Outraged At Maliki’s Mistreatment Of Iraqi Sunnis
by Hugh Fitzgerald

It’s  expensive to capture and bring back these Muslim terrorists, to pay for their lawyers, their upkeep, the whole damn trial, and then the cost of maintaining them,once they’ve been sentenced to life imprisonment rather than, fittingly, death, to pay for supporting them (in an American prison, in a style at least as luxurious and restful as anything they could experience in their own miserable countries), and then there is the cost of what they may do in prison, conducting Da’wa among fellow prisoners, for it is in prisons that a large population of the psychically marginal are most easily to be found, many just waiting to be offered a Simple Solution to the Universe and a ready-made Community, in this case the Community, or ummah, of Believers.

But here is a story that suggests in some cases taking these people alive can have benefits..

But Won’t The Sunnis Take Baghdad?

How, exactly? There are five million people in Baghdad. Some are Sunnis, but many more are Shi’a
Arabs, and Kurds,even  Christians of every kind (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Armenians, Greek Orthodox).

Rabbi Carlos Huerta And The Vanished Jews Of Mosul 

What he saw, and what he learned, when he visited Mosul seven years ago.–Here.

‘Killing people is against the Quran’

Turkish Religious Affairs Minister Mehmet Gormez Tries Comedy

Turkey has a large population of Alevis (not to be confused with Syria’s Alawis, though there are connections), and the Sunni-Shi’a split must cause anxiety.

What can the head of Religious Affairs in Turkey do but offer a comically benign view of the “true” Islam that no one with eyes to read (Qur’an, Hadith, Sira) could possibly believe, in the hope that this will keep the peace within Islam, and as another benefit, keep fooling the Infidels. –Here.

Hugh Fitzgerald on the latest development in Iraq:

The German workers at the Beiji refinery have been evacuated. Indian nurses have been evacuated from Tikrit. Busloads of Indian construction workers have been evacuted as well. Apparently, in Iraq, the Arab state that always held itself out as being the most advanced, best educated, with the largest middle class, of any of the Arab states, is dependent, possibly hopelessly dependent, on non-Arab and non-Muslim workers from abroad. We expect if of the waddling emirs of Qatar, Kuwait, the Emriates, Saudi  Arabia. But it’s observable in Iraq too. All of these countries could be brought to their knees overnight, if they did not have non-Muslim workers they could count on.

And the money they have to pay those workers — when they pay them — is the result only of an accident of geology. They did nothing to deserve the nearly 24 trillion dollars that the Muslim members of OPEC — which is practically all of OPEC — have received, in the largest transfer of wealth in human history, since 1973 alone.

As for the countries that don’t have oil or gas revenues, they have only two main sources of wealth. One is tourism, from the West — and that is sinking fast, and even in Turkey, it may sink, if the Turks go ahead and turn Hagia Sophia back into a mosque (they are not prepared for a world-wide boycott by non-Muslims, but it may happen). How many Europeans and North Americans would be willing to risk their lives now,  to visit Egypt, to visit Tunisia — and these are the best of the lot.

The second is direct aid, of all kinds, from the ever-patient, suicidally-generous West. How many tens of billions of dollars have gone to Pakistan, sent by an American government that unwittingly paid for Pakistan’s nuclear bombs? Two trillion dollars have been spent on a mad plan to bring democracy and prosperity and unity to Iraq, and a trillon on Afghanistan. Nearly one hundred billion has gone to Egypt, a reward for deigning to accept the entire Sinai from Israel, and that money allows the Egyptian population not to be reined in, but to go from forty million to nearly 95 million in two decades, with a population of 120 million expected within the decade, when the country cannot, on its own, support, decently, more than thirty or forty million. How many billions have gone to the states of North Africa, propped up by France? And as for those Arabs carefully called “Palestinians”– they exist on the largesse of the West, and on that of the U.N., through UNRWA, which calls a “refugee” anyone who claims to be one, as a descendant — son, grandson, great-grandson — of any Arab who left the area of Mandatory Palestine during the war the Arabs made on the young state of Israel the day after it declared its independence.

And now the anti-American Maliki, and his assorted retinue, who have rebuffed angrily even the mildest of suggestions that with their vast oil revenues the Iraqis ought to pay the Americans back just a little for removing Saddam Hussein and spending so many hundreds of billions in reconstruction (or construction) of the country, are asking the Americans to protect them, to bomb Sunni targets, using American pilots and American planes, subject to attack by Stinger missiles now in the possession of those Sunnis.–The Oil Refinery At Beiji