What difference does it make…?

Headchoppers of the world, unite!

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Helping In Tikrit

And will certainly defend against any ISIS-led Sunni assault on Karbala or Najaf, which Al-Baghdadi claims are among his intended targets. The report on Iranians in Tikrit is here. ( by Hugh Fitzgerald)


Iraq on Brink of Disintegration: ISIS Blitzkrieg threatens Baghdad while Kurds Seize Kirkuk

There’s a sucker born every minute, but Abbott is (hopefully) not one of them:

So Far So Good: No American Airstrikes In Iraq Are Contemplated- The article — and the many comments after – here.

Hussein Obama says Australia will have to step up its defence engagement overseas to help the United States maintain international order. (Aussies fighting for what Obummer screws up? No way!)

 The last word of the title, and one of the subjects of the piece, is “Bush.” For “Bush” read, mutatis mutandis, “Obama.”

Hillary Clinton on five free Taliban jihadis: “These five guys are not a threat to the United States”

In other news:

Shitties helping shitties? But of course:


Our policy should simply be containment, containment, containment. Keep the fighting over there. No more Muslim immigration and if Muslims living in the West go out to join the fighting, they should not be allowed back in. WSJ:

BEIRUT, Lebanon—Iran deployed Revolutionary Guard forces to fight in Iraq, helping government troops there wrest back control of most of the city of Tikrit from militants, Iranian security sources said.

I wanna see all these MoFo’s put out of business:

Oriana Fallaci was driven crazy by the “buonismo” (goody-goodiness, blended with holier-than-thou-ness) of some Italian parish priests, who defended Muslim illegal immigrants, including those who defecated in churches, and urinated even on Ghiberti’s “Doors of Heaven” at the Baptistery in Florence. Being a cleric does not entitle one to break the law, or to decide that the “universal” claims of the Church somehow trump the desires of people in a particular nation not to see that nation’s cohesion, social and cultural, to dissolve because of the arrival of a foreign invasive species.

A retired priest, sweet and meek and mild as all getout, was recently fined in France for giving aid and comfort, when he should not have, to clandestine immigrants. The prosecutor described clandestine immigration as without end, a “bottomless ‘pit” (in French, “puits” or well):  “Vous créez un appel d’air en faveur du puits sans fond qu’est l’immigration clandestine.” The story, in French, here.

4 thoughts on “What difference does it make…?”

  1. What difference does it make…? shrilled Hillary !!!!
    What difference does it make…?

    Hussein Obama says ….
    Australia will have to step up its defence engagement overseas to help the United States maintain international order.”
    (Aussies fighting for what Obummer screws up? No way!)

    Unfortunately Australia ….
    because current and previous Australian Governments “Assisted and Enabled” islam infiltrate Australia by immigration
    …. will need its armed services (minus the embedded muslims and Dhimmis of course) for the coming internal battle(s) with these immigrated and converted (“reverted“) soldiers of islam – which is why the muslim came here in the first place.

    Australia’s politicians – past and present – “Assisted and Enabled” this situation to develop – and the longer it is left to fester the harder it will be to fix – until time runs out ……

    And then of course we will also have to deal with the 250 Million palpably panting muslims on our northern coast.
    But no authority who can do anything about any of this – is !

    Oh Dear – to late !
    (You think not – did you perceive the current Iraq situation ?)

  2. john,
    It is never to late! We are in a war with these mohammedan bastards – the war is of THEIR choosing — and we will obliterate them – although it will cost us dearly it is far better to fight for what we believe rather than accept the pathetic muslim doctrine – actually I am not quite right there – please accept the muslim doctrine for what it is – pure shit!

  3. Lets revisit this scenario ….

    Oh Dear – to late – !
    (You think not – did you perceive the current Iraq situation ?)

    An Alternative !!!!

    non-muslims know something about muslims that muslims do not appreciate – and this causes them to have hissy fits – but only when they are in large groups or know they will be backed up and supported by their tribe.

    99.99999% of all muslims are huge cowards – irrespective of how horrendous their group acts of barbarism are ….
    This is how they are all bullied by the other 0.000001% of militant muslims and unwilling to renounce islam because they will be murdered by these militant muslims. (it is not wrong to be cowardly – just so long as you know why)

    So – supposing there are 2 Billion submitters – that means something like 2 Thousand muslims absolutely control the entire cowardly “race” (islamonausea) of muslims.

    So the solution for the “West” …..
    • Incarcerate all Dhimmi Politicians and Politicals
    • Ban islam.
    • Tell all muslims they will be murdered if they do not renounce islam.

    The muslim Quandary – What to do ….
    • They will be murdered by the militant muslims if they leave islam.
    • They will be murdered by the West if they do not leave islam..
    • Wow – between the rock and the hard place.

    The choice for muslims ….
    • muslims realise what cowards they have been/are.
    • The awakened masses then simply remove the militant muslims. (they know who the 2 Thousand (militants) are)
    • Then they are free to realise they now no longer have a desire to submit to islam (the militant bullies) and emulate the horribly inappropriate Muhammaden example.
    • The awakened and emotionally free masses destroy all mosques and islamic purposed buildings.
    • The awakened and emotionally free masses Destroy all “sacred” islamic texts.
    • The awakened and emotionally free masses have shaken the Islamic Yoke from their necks.

    Now that’s an even more beautiful world.

    Hey what’s that – Oh! – it’s time to wake up get ready and go to work – Oh!
    Sunni and Shiite – what a dream.

    Guess there really are Five
    – ah no Seven
    – no actually Twelve realities to every Shiite little place.

  4. The scenario in a previous post (Lets revisit this scenario ….) will not and can never happen !

    Knowing certain facts about islam preclues that “imaginary” scenario from ever happening.
    Never believe a muslim has renounced its [because they have lost their humanity] faith ….

    The Qur’an honors and promotes deceit to advance and preserve Islam against the Infidels and has instructions written in their “Sacred” texts to practice the arts of taqiyya and kitman.

    taqiyya (denying faith under duress). [or just anytime really]
    kitman (some information is held back – lie by ommission). [a blatant deceit]

    Knowing these two facts about islam – (taqiyya and kitman) – makes it impossible for a non-muslim to ever believe anything and everything that comes out of a muslims mouth .

    It is very important that non-muslims are aware that all muslims from birth (or ‘revert’) are brainwashed to lie and kill all non-muslims.

    Having read this – You can now never say I did not know or Why wasn’t I told.
    But it is possible to say – Wow – I learnt something that will help preserve my life.

    Irrespective – it is absolutely permissable to defend your life by murdering an attacking muslim – never just offer your life – surprise the vile muslim.

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