Who's law is it anyway? White man's law? The law of the kafir?

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Who needs manmade laws when you got a Marxist Muslim in the white house?

Bergdahl Platoon Mates: Obama Administration “Spit in the Face” of Everyone in the Military

Classy! Obama Chews Gum at D-Day Ceremonies 

obma-gum-ddayThe French were not impressed with this disrespectful stunt. “No class at all”

Oops! Dunce Susan Rice Admits That Obama Is Arming Syrian Headchoppers 

Obama dunce National Security Adviser admitted on Friday that the US is arming Syrian Islamist rebels al Qaeda.

Who’s law is it anyway? White man’s law? The law of the kafir?

CONFIRMED: Obama Broke US Law by Making Concessions, Paying Ransom for Prisoner Release

Obama should have read this before he started negotiating with the Taliban.
The US “will make no concessions to terrorists. It will not pay ransoms, release prisoners, change its policies or agree to other acts that might encourage additional terrorism.”

Surprise! Freed Taliban Leader Vows to Return to Afghanistan & Kill More Americans

Taliban leader Noorullah Noori promised to return to Afghanistan and fight the Americans after his arrival in Qatar.

Pope submits:

For the First Time Ever Islamic Prayer Will Be Held at Vatican This Weekend

This South American redistributor is a bad news. He sees the world not as it is, but the way he would like it to be. Dangerously deluded. But perhaps its also deliberate. Is Obama deluded or does he do what he does deliberately? You tell me!

3 thoughts on “Who's law is it anyway? White man's law? The law of the kafir?”

  1. AAAHHH the end times are upon us, the Vatican is joining forces with those who wait upon the antichrist. Which means whoever they proclaim to be the peace bringer is the exact one you want to run away from, otherwise you will get the name of the beast tattooed on your forehead (hint the name is allah).

  2. Even though I don’t believe in the Prophecies of Nostradamous the similarities of the antichrist he describes with Obama are curious.

  3. Perhaps the pope has a death wish and is secretly seeking to be a martyr so he can be fast tracked to sainthood?

    Fastest way to sainthood? Invite Islam and Muslims into your spiritual home.

    How’s that saying go? “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    The pope stated, he was allowing the Muslim prayer to aid (How?) peace in the M.E., yet interestingly, the pope does not appear to invite the Jews to engage in prayer at the Vatican during the same event.

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