Will never happen here, says "Muslim community"

A warning last week:

The head of the NSW Counter Terrorism Squad, Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein, has issued a rare rebuke to senior members of the Sunni Muslim community, saying they have not done enough to discourage young Muslim men from joining the Syrian jihad.

With the number of extremists travelling to Syria believed to be escalating, Mr Dein said the Muslim community had failed to grasp the serious threat posed by returning fighters.

“The community is being very passive about the problem,’’ Mr Dein told The Australian. “…Now the community’s saying to us, that’s never going to be a problem,’’ Mr Dein said. “Some community spokespeople are basically saying, well, those that are interested in going over there are only interested in acting on overseas soil and would never come back to the homeland with an intention to do any harm. I hope that is the case. But I just don’t know.”

No worries, say some Muslim leaders:

When Muslim leaders say “no worries” I start to worry. And so should you.

Now will our Muslim leaders treat the Syrian jihadists as a threat?  (Andrew Bolt)

Strangley, they are not only interested in acting on overseas soil:

UK Muslim waging jihad in Syria calls on Muslims to replicate Rigby attack

Operating under a pseudonym, Mr Jabbar now regularly encourages British Muslim to travel to Syria or replicate the brutal ‘lone wolf’ attack carried out on Drummer Lee Rigby last year.

And then, we have illustrious characters like this:

The president of the West Australian Islamic Council is among six people charged over the seizure of four kilograms of methylamphetamine, firearms and $380,000 in cash.

Police from the Organised Crime Squad in Perth have charged Rateb Jneid, two of his brothers and three others over the haul.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but…..

 If a Catholic bishop were charged with a firearms offence and his brothers arrested over major drug charges would the ABC have reported it?

Andrew Bolt: Missing detail

How the ABC described the arrested men:

Police in Perth believe they have smashed an organised crime syndicate following the seizure of four kilograms of methylamphetamine.

They said the seizure of two kilograms of drugs during a routine traffic stop in January led to a four-month operation which culminated in raids on six properties in Perth in April.

Police seized methylamphetamine with a street value of $8 million, firearms and $380,000 in cash.

Two of those charged are Ziad and Rabih Jneid.

Police said some of those arrested during the raids were part of a sophisticated drug ring.

“They’re at the top of the hierarchy as heads of a syndicate, so these are significant players,” Detective Inspector Chris Adams said.

How the West Australian described the arrested men:

Five men and a woman have been charged, including the president of the WA Islamic Council Dr Rateb Jneid, 43, who faces a firearms charge. Two of his brothers, Ziad and Rabih Jneid, have pleaded not guilty to drugs charges.

The WA Islamic Council protests:

Islamic Council of Western Australia “ICWA” condemns any use of prohibited drugs and crime of all types as they represent some of the greatest threats to security and development of our society. While, ICWA were flabbergasted by the news today, the alleged charges against Dr Jneid are only related to failure to securely store a licensed firearm. ICWA is deeply disappointed by West Australian newspaper’s attempt to deceive the public and link the president of a Muslim association to drugs and organised crime.

In the absence of further information, ICWA will allow the court to carry its duties and reserve the right for further actions.